Bienvenue chez Mamilia

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En quittant Seattle pour s'installer dans une petite ville de Géorgie, les McKellan se retrouvent confrontés au mode de vie traditionnel de leur famille.

Acteurs principaux

  • Tia Mowry
  • Anthony Alabi
  • Talia Jackson
  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey
  • Cameron J. Wright
  • Jordyn Raya James
  • Loretta Devine

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de Bienvenue chez Mamilia

  • ▶︎Season 1 2019 Regarder
    • S01E19Remember When the Party Was Over? Regarder Jade hosts a masquerade party for her 15th birthday so she can sneak someone in. Meanwhile, Moz and Cocoa get a reality check about their finances. 20/1/2020
    • S01E18Remember M'dear's Fifteen Minutes? Regarder Shaka snoops into Jade's diary and uses a secret to blackmail her -- until she gets dirt on him. M'Dear steals Moz's thunder on a sports talk show. 20/1/2020
    • S01E17Remember Cousin Kenya? Regarder Jade and Aunt Maybelle bring dates to meet the family. Cocoa looks into an opportunity for her jewelry line, and M'Dear conducts an interrogation. 20/1/2020
    • S01E16Remember the G Club? Regarder Jade searches for her singing voice and befriends an aspiring rapper-producer. Pressed for time, Mazzi asks M'Dear for help with a school project. 20/1/2020
    • S01E15Remember When Shaka Got Beat Up? Regarder An encounter with a bully inspires Shaka to try martial arts. To earn money for concert tickets, Jade gets ambitious about babysitting. 20/1/2020
    • S01E14Remember When Jade Was Down with the Swirl? Regarder Jade faces criticism over a new crush. Moz and Mazzi try to keep their cool in a basketball game when a rival trash-talks them ... until M'Dear steps in. 20/1/2020
    • S01E13Remember Our Parents' Wedding? Regarder Before Moz and Cocoa say "I do" again, Shaka is tasked with keeping the ring, Cocoa confronts her mother and Daniel makes a sacrifice. 20/1/2020
    • S01E12Remember When Daddy Came Home? Regarder Jade manages Mazzi's music group, which becomes a hit at church. As Ami works to overcome her fear of getting baptized, Moz has a spiritual awakening. 20/1/2020
    • S01E11Remember the Dance Battle? Regarder To go on a school trip, Jade is forced to ace math as her teacher starts dating Daniel. Shaka's step team tryout fires up Cocoa's competitive streak. 20/1/2020
    • S01E10Remember When Our Boys Became Men? Regarder M'Dear introduces Jade to a new boy, and Mazzi and Shaka find a job to earn extra money. But an encounter with a cop soon has the family on edge. 10/7/2019
    • S01E09Remember Black Elvis? Regarder After M'Dear shares the family's rich history with the kids, Moz and Cocoa are inspired to carry on the tradition. 10/7/2019
    • S01E08Remember Macho Mazzi? Regarder When Jade competes in a pageant, she recruits a former beauty queen to be her coach. Meanwhile, Mazzi tests his "macho" abilities to impress Moz. 10/7/2019
    • S01E07Remember the First Day of School? Regarder As the kids start a new school year, Jade takes a stand against a strict dress code, Mazzi opts to redo fourth grade and Shaka eyes a potential crush. 10/7/2019
    • S01E06Remember That Crazy Road Trip? Regarder The McKellans recall a cross-country move to Georgia that was packed with misadventure, from a weird proposal and a creepy ritual to a frisky raccoon. 10/7/2019
    • S01E05Remember Grace Under Fire? Regarder The family's religious role model, Auntie Grace, reveals her secret passion. When a kitchen fire erupts, Moz teaches the kids the importance of honesty. 10/7/2019
    • S01E04Remember When I Lost My Sister? Regarder Cocoa's unconventional beliefs shock M'Dear's Bible-study group. Jade uses sisterly bonding for quality time with Drew -- until she forgets about Ami. 10/7/2019
    • S01E03Remember Vacation Bible School? Regarder When Moz gifts the kids go-karts, Cocoa is less than thrilled. Jade uses an app to try and outsmart M'Dear, an undisputed "Bible champion." 10/7/2019
    • S01E02Remember Charlie Wilson? Regarder While cleaning out the attic, Mazzi and Shaka find M'Dear's private mementos from a famous singer -- a discovery that stirs up drama with Grandpa. 10/7/2019
    • S01E01Remember How This All Started? Regarder The McKellans head to a family reunion at M'Dear and Grandpa's house, where Moz, Cocoa and the kids consider a simpler life away from city comforts. 10/7/2019

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