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Don Matteo est un curé de campagne, à Gubbio, une petite ville en Italie. Son sacerdoce ne s'arrête pas à dire la messe ou confesser ses paroissiens, mais aussi à enquêter sur les différents crimes qui ont lieu dans sa paroisse.

Acteurs principaux

  • Nathalie Guetta
  • Francesco Scali
  • Terence Hill
  • Nino Frassica
  • Simone Montedoro
  • Caterina Sylos Labini
  • Maria Chiara Giannetta
  • Giorgia Surina
  • Nadir Caselli

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de Don Matteo - Un sacré détective

  • ▶︎Season 12 2020 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 11 2018 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 10 2016 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 9 2014 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 8 2011 Regarder
    • S08E24Blackmail Regarder The father of Laura’s daughter arrives in Gubbio. The young man’s parents demand custody of their grandchild at all costs. Laura and Don Matteo are at odds, but soon after the priest falls victim to deceit and is accused of harassment and even murder. 8/12/2012
    • S08E23All is Lost Regarder A factory worker, who lives with his wife in a tent and who was unjustly fired after a lifetime of work, is found dead. 1/12/2012
    • S08E22Betrayal Regarder A boy watches as his father is accused of attacking the girl he is in love with. It’s up to Don Matteo to help father and son re-establish their relationship. 1/12/2011
    • S08E21Love Is Not Enough Regarder A deaf girl who is unable to make her own parents accept her disability, finds herself involved in the murder of the director of the factory she works in. The prime suspect is one of the girl’s friends whose job is to insert disabled people into the workplace. 24/11/2011
    • S08E20The Investigation of a Daughter Regarder A sixteen year old girl disappears into thin air with no evidence of how to find her. As the investigation proceeds, the girl’s parents realize they never really knew their daughter. 17/11/2011
    • S08E19A Shadow of Suspicion Regarder A baker known for great generosity is murdered. The investigation points to his sister-in-law, a rebellious young woman whose sister, the baker’s wife, caught behaving intimately with her murdered husband. 17/11/2011
    • S08E18The Sought-after Child Regarder A boy caught in the middle of a custody battle between his parents suddenly disappears. The case brings up some sad childhood memories for MP Conti, who follows the case with particular interest. 10/11/2011
    • S08E17Old Friends Regarder Sonia, a poor teenage mother, has managed to start a new life by creating a booming business selling children’s wear and by helping other women going through hard times. The man she is about to marry, however, is under questioning for the murder of a maid who is also discovered to be a prostitute. 10/11/2011
    • S08E16The Miracle Child Regarder The murder of a prostitute is linked to the story of an orphan who is also a fencing champion who has found a new family in her trainer and her trainer’s husband. Meanwhile, Laura begins having second thoughts about abandoning her daughter. 3/11/2011
    • S08E15The Most Beautiful Day Regarder The lead model of a fashion show for wedding gowns is almost suffocated to death in her bed. Meanwhile, Tommasi is at the wedding expo and is subjected to his mother and soon to be father-in-law’s bickering about the details of his wedding. 3/11/2001
    • S08E14Generation Y Regarder The stop mother of Assunta Cecchini’s best friend Valeria is found dead. The sergeant’s adolescent daughters idolize their reckless friend who, this time however, has really gotten herself into trouble. 27/10/2011
    • S08E13Life Choices Regarder Sister Mary is attacked and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Natalina has left the rectory for the peace of the convent, which, however, has some surprises in store. 27/10/2011
    • S08E12The Secrets of Gubbio Regarder The author of a book written specifically to report local town gossip is found almost dead. Laura and Natalina become passionate about the scandalous book that produces overall discontent throughout the town. 20/10/2011
    • S08E11The Father-in-law Is Always Right Regarder There is a Robin Hood in Don Matteo’s gang that is accused of the attempted murder of a dishonest retired man. Meanwhile, Cecchini is trying to deal with his very taxing father-in-law, who demands doctoring and attention. 20/10/2011
    • S08E10Deception Regarder An old celebrity from Gubbio is killed by a dose of insulin. Meanwhile, captain Tommasi must face MP Conti’s father, who has just arrived in Gubbio and thinks Tommasi is his daughter’s boyfriend. 13/10/2011
    • S08E09Marry Me Regarder A boy who seems to be from a drug addiction community in the city is found dead. Meanwhile, Tommasi buys Patrizia an engagement ring, but just when he is about to pop the question, things don’t go as he had planned. 13/10/2011
    • S08E08Another Life Regarder During a masquerade party for Carnival, a girl who strikingly resembles the daughter of the party hostess is attacked. Meanwhile, Tommasi is repelled by everything that has to do with Carnival and Natalina finds a new, noble, suitor. 6/10/2011
    • S08E07Severino In Love Regarder A young woman staying at the rectory to complete the Via Francigena pilgrimage is strangled to death. Meanwhile, Cecchini instructs Severino on how to win over the woman of his dreams. 6/10/2011
    • S08E06Three Grandchildren and One Nanny Regarder During a reception held at the mansion of a wealthy family, an unidentified body is found. The investigation brings the mysterious past of a loving nanny to the fore. Cecchini, instead, mistakenly believes Patrizia is pregnant, which leads to some comical misunderstandings. 29/9/2011
    • S08E05Her Return Regarder Don Matteo investigates the attempted murder of a woman who has re-emerged from the past. Meanwhile, the captain tries not to make a bad impression on the young, athletic Spanish friends that are staying at Patrizia’s house. 29/9/2011
    • S08E04The Man Who Knew How To Fly Regarder A falconer who adopted an autistic boy is stabbed to death. Meanwhile, due to a misunderstanding, Cecchini thinks he only has six months to live. 22/9/2011
    • S08E03Proof of Love Regarder After a young woman dies in labor, the woman’s gynecologist is killed. Meanwhile, Tommasi is preparing for a boxing match and is forced to choose a coach - the ready and willing Cecchini or the professional MP Conti… 22/9/2011
    • S08E02Rave party Regarder A girl dies at a rave party after having taken a drug that was cut badly. While Don Matteo and the Carabinieri are working on the investigation, Cecchini tries to prevent Tommasi and his daughter from spending a romantic weekend together all alone. 15/9/2011
    • S08E01It Was My Daughter Regarder While Don Matteo investigates the attempted murder of an antique dealer, he finds himself taking care of Laura, a rebellious adolescent who is pregnant and currently staying at the rectory. 15/9/2011
  • ▶︎Season 7 2009 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 6 2008 Regarder
    • S06E24Una dura prova per Don Matteo Regarder 10/4/2008
    • S06E23Bravi ragazzi Regarder 10/4/2008
    • S06E22Il tesoro di Orfeo Regarder 3/4/2008
    • S06E21Una buona annata Regarder 3/4/2008
    • S06E20Crisi sentimentale Regarder 27/3/2008
    • S06E19Il fratello di Natalina Regarder 27/3/2008
    • S06E18Incontri ravvicinati Regarder 20/3/2008
    • S06E17Un sogno rubato Regarder 20/3/2008
    • S06E16Un San Valentino per Natalina Regarder 13/3/2008
    • S06E15Io ti salverò Regarder 13/3/2008
    • S06E14La giostra dei desideri Regarder 6/3/2008
    • S06E13Francesca e il lupo Regarder 6/3/2008
    • S06E12I segreti degli altri Regarder 21/2/2008
    • S06E11Uno spirito inquieto Regarder 21/2/2008
    • S06E10Trattamento di benessere Regarder 14/2/2008
    • S06E09Un tocco di fard Regarder 14/2/2008
    • S06E08Il caso del cane scomparso a mezzogiorno Regarder 7/2/2008
    • S06E07Il ritmo dei pedali Regarder 7/2/2008
    • S06E06Morte di un cantastorie Regarder 31/1/2008
    • S06E05La minicubista Regarder 31/1/2008
    • S06E04La stanza di un angelo Regarder 24/1/2008
    • S06E03Cioccolata Regarder 24/1/2008
    • S06E02Profumo di caffé Regarder 17/1/2008
    • S06E01Bentornato don Matteo! Regarder 17/1/2008
  • ▶︎Season 5 2006 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 4 2004 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 3 2002 Regarder
    • S03E16Episode 16 Regarder 15/11/2002
    • S03E15Episode 15 Regarder 15/11/2002
    • S03E14Episode 14 Regarder 8/11/2002
    • S03E13Episode 13 Regarder 8/11/2002
    • S03E12Episode 12 Regarder 1/11/2002
    • S03E11Episode 11 Regarder 1/11/2002
    • S03E10Episode 10 Regarder 25/10/2002
    • S03E09Episode 9 Regarder 25/10/2002
    • S03E08Episode 8 Regarder 18/10/2002
    • S03E07Episode 7 Regarder 18/10/2002
    • S03E06Episode 6 Regarder 11/10/2002
    • S03E05Episode 5 Regarder 11/10/2002
    • S03E04The Hostage Regarder The young woman Petra (Jacqueline Lustig), on the run from police after supposedly committing a crime, takes Don Matteo hostage. While the police and Don Matteo's 'family' attempt to free him, our protagonist cooks up a plan: In order to escape and to uncover the truth, he tries to become an accomplice to his kidnapper. 4/10/2002
    • S03E03Scandal in the City Regarder The manager of a country hotel is found dead. By chance, Don Matteo discovers that the victim blackmailed unsuspecting hotel guests with video recordings. Suspicion falls on a woman who seems to be involved. Her husband accuses himself. 4/10/2002
    • S03E02Never Too Late in Love Regarder The stables of an equestrian center catch fire. Suspicion falls on the old horse groom first, who has a motive to harm his employer. The employer, owner of the stables, might have a motive too - to collect insurance money. With Don Matteo's help and the aid of little boy Simone, the police uncovers the truth. 27/9/2002
    • S03E01The Secrets of the Heart Regarder A laborer is found dead in the cement factory he works in. The suspect is the factory’s supervisor, who had differences with the victim. During research, Don Matteo and the police accidentally uncover a dramatic relationship. 27/9/2002
  • ▶︎Season 2 2001 Regarder
    • S02E16The Confession Regarder A young woman is killed in her home. Natalina, the house keeper, can aid police investigations because she saw Giovanni Antonelli escaping from the house. The man admits that he had a relationship with the victim but refuses to confess to the crime. Police investigations move to a company, owned by the victim's 'real' boyfriend. 9/12/2001
    • S02E15Out Game Regarder The town's volleyball team won the championship. During the celebration, Varoli, president and trainer of the team, is found dead. Vivana an ex-player of the team is suspected to have committed this crime because she has a motive: Since a car accident caused by Varoli, she is bound to a wheel chair. Don Matteo knows the girl and tries to prove her innocence. 9/12/2001
    • S02E14Playing with Fire Regarder A fire threatens the town. The culprit seems to be a little boy, Fabio, who immediately admits to be guilty. His father is convinced of his innocence and asks Don Matteo for help. It seems that the boy wanted to get his father's attention. 2/12/2001
    • S02E13Etruscan Tomb Regarder During a walk in the woods, Nerino falls into a 'hole' and discovers an old Etruscan tomb, filled with treasures. When police officers arrive, the treasures have disappeared. Suspicion falls on Lanza, a surly man who was involved in a robbery before. But Don Matteo suspects a certain Mr. Todi. 2/12/2001
    • S02E12The Bite of the Snake Regarder During a religious procession, Benito Lippi is bitten by a snake. Only an antidote can help to save his life, but it is hard to find since the snake is of a rare Asiatic breed. While police investigate who smuggled the snake into the country, suspicion falls on an oriental man who was seen near the victim during the procession. 25/11/2001
    • S02E11The Band Regarder Sergio is run over by a car. His fiancée Angela mourns his death but decides to begin a new life. After joining a music band, she receives anonymous threats: Someone wants her to leave town. Police investigations lead to a young man who seems to be involved in the car accident. Don Matteo has to solve the case. 25/11/2001
    • S02E10Wife and Oxen of Your Countries Regarder Tarek, an immigrant, wants to traditionally arrange a wedding for his sons, who disagree with this tradition. To avoid the marriage, Mohammed commits a theft. When his brother Abdul gets involved in a violent crime, Don Matteo begins to investigate. 18/11/2001
    • S02E09Move Gambling Regarder A well known businessman is kidnapped. Who organized the abduction? Police seem to be on the right track and arrest an employee of the victim. While the son takes over his father’s business, Don Matteo finds out that many of the employees have bad interests… 18/11/2001
    • S02E08Maximum Weight Regarder A young boxer dies during training. Accident or homicide? The boy's trainer is accused of the crime. Don Matteo tries to solve the riddle. 11/11/2001
    • S02E07The Coach Travel Regarder Don Matteo is on a bus trip when a rich elderly lady is given a fatal shove. Don Matteo watches the scene but is too far away to recognize the guilty. Police investigations lead to the victim's nephew, who sold merchandise on the bus. Don Matteo finds out that the nephew is interested in more than just the inheritance. 11/11/2001
    • S02E06Honest Man Regarder Maresciallo Cecchini is suspected to be a drug dealer! He supposedly only keeps his position as police officer to cover up his life of crime. Don Matteo and Captain Anceschi have to prove their friend's innocence. 4/11/2001
    • S02E05Five Lobsters Regarder A famous chef is killed. Police suspect the Bagnetti brothers, who were evicted by the chef and therefore have a motive. Gerolamo, a homeless man and witness of the homicide accuses Mordelli, another famous chef. Don Matteo thinks that the police in on the wrong track. 4/11/2001
    • S02E04The Magician Regarder Monica, who believes to have cancer, meets the healer and magician Kaspar, who has a reputation of taking advantage of people in distress. After several healing sessions with Kaspar, Monica's medical condition improves. It's a miracle - and attracts many people to Kaspar's 'practice'. Police officers question Kaspar, but only Don Matteo's help leads them on the right track 28/10/2001
    • S02E03Heart of Ice Regarder Nino Coronna is found in a garden of a villa, next to a corpse. The victim is the owner of the house, Giulia Chimenti's husband. Nino seems to be guilty and is immediately accused of homicide. Maresciallo Cecchini has to investigate alone because Captain Anceschi is a 'special friend' of Giulia. When Anceschi seems to be involved in the homicide, Don Matteo and Cecchini have to uncover the truth. 28/10/2001
    • S02E02The Mark on the Skin Regarder A young soccer player dies of a drug overdose. Was it an accident or murder? The first person suspected by police officers is the owner of a tattoo shop who was in trouble with drug abuse before. The woman denies to be involved and Don Matteo tries to convince the police. 21/10/2001
    • S02E01The Poisoned Apple Regarder Many of the town's citizens suffer from food poisoning. Police officers investigate and find out that the cause are poisoned apples sold by the Di Giacomos, a family of farmers. After some interrogations by Captain Anceschi, it seems that the family is not responsible for the case after all. Don Matteo's investigations lead him to a seasonal worker Di Giacomo's who seems to have motive. 21/10/2001
  • ▶︎Season 1 2000 Regarder
    • S01E16The Mole Regarder A police officer who investigates a drug ring - incognito - is obviously discovered and violently punished by the gang. Don Matteo helps investigations. 20/2/2000
    • S01E15The Fire of the Passion Regarder Mr. Morabito has an affair. He buys a rare diamond as a gift for his lover and hides it from his wife - in an inconspicuous container. Mrs. Morabito gives this container - not knowing what really is inside - to Don Matteo, who plans to host a charity event. 20/2/2000
    • S01E14Ageless Love Regarder Don Matteo prepares for a funeral when he finds out that the man, who passed away in an old people's home, didn't die a natural death. Suspicion falls on the victim's son's girlfriend, who offers to anonymously pay for the funeral. 18/2/2000
    • S01E13Academic Crime Regarder Another homicide in town: An employee of the research center is found dead. A fellow worker is suspected to have committed the crime, but Don Matteo's investigations point in a different direction. 18/2/2000
    • S01E12Drunk Regarder An accident occurs during a bus ride. The driver seems to be responsible, tests reveal that he had alcohol in his system. Rumours start to spread in town about the rivalry of two bus enterprises... 11/2/2000
    • S01E11The Actor Regarder A film team comes to town. An actor is killed on the set - the gun was loaded with real bullets! The person responsible for the props seems to have a motive... 11/2/2000
    • S01E10Blackmail Regarder A well known entrepreneur is being blackmailed. Suspicion falls on a landlord who had differences with him before. While Don Matteo aids police investigations, the entrepreneur's son is poisoned... 4/2/2000
    • S01E09The Actor Regarder Police officers find Don Matteo, gun in hand, next to a dead body. What happened? During a fight with the killer, the weapon was pushed in the priest's hands while the real murderer escaped. Imprisoned Don Matteo starts to investigate. 4/2/2000
    • S01E08A Matter of Smell Regarder 28/1/2000
    • S01E07Ageless Love Regarder Don Matteo is asked for help: Unfaithful wife Annalisa wants to save her marriage. Soon after this conversation she is found dead, her husband becomes main suspect. Don Matteo finds out that someone observed the victim. 28/1/2000
    • S01E06Anna Regarder 21/1/2000
    • S01E05The Antique Rose Regarder An inmate is killed in jail. Suspicion falls on a prisoner who claims to be not guilty, although his fingerprints were found on the murder weapon. A scorpion fight, organized by the citizens, points Don Matteo in the right direction. 21/1/2000
    • S01E04The Bad Apple Regarder Don Matteo investigates a drug ring that attacked an undercover police officer. 14/1/2000
    • S01E03The Courage to Speak Regarder Don Matteo's help is needed by a young woman, whose family is in financial distress and being blackmailed. The citizens, surprised about their priest's meetings with this beautiful woman, start to spread rumours. 14/1/2000
    • S01E02A Routine Operation Regarder The murder of a doctor is investigated. 7/1/2000
    • S01E01The Foreign Man Regarder In the series premiere, parish priest Don Matteo investigates a young man's apparent suicide. 7/1/2000

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