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Au travers d'un jeune procureur, d’un capitaine de police, d’un juge d'instruction et d'une avocate pénaliste, cette série décrit la vie du palais de justice de Paris, ses rouages, ses acteurs, ses petites combines. La série est censée montrer de la façon la plus réaliste possible la procédure pénale Française, à partir de la saison 5, de nouveaux experts travaillent sur la série afin de la rendre la plus réaliste possible.

Acteurs principaux

  • Caroline Proust
  • Audrey Fleurot
  • Thierry Godard
  • Tewfik Jallab
  • Valentin Merlet
  • Clara Bonnet
  • Kool Shen
  • Louis-Do de Lencquesaing
  • Bruno Debrandt
  • Lionel Erdogan

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de Engrenages

  • ▶︎Season 8 2020 Regarder
  • ▶︎Season 7 2019 Regarder
    • S07E12Episode 12 Regarder As police close in, Cann plans to make a run for it. But first, he reaches out to Edelman, asking for his help. Josephine intervenes in the investigation but is not immediately trusted. Meanwhile, Laure and Gilou still have not been cleared of wrongdoing by Internal Affairs. 11/3/2019
    • S07E11Episode 11 Regarder When Laure and Gilou, under investigation by Internal Affairs, are taken into custody, Tintin is torn between his loyalties to his former colleagues and his new job. Josephine also faces a moral decision about how best to fight Lola's case. 11/3/2019
    • S07E10Episode 10 Regarder Laure and Gilou sink deeper into taking illegal measures, risking yet more grave repercussions. Their former team member Tintin is tasked with investigating their methods. Meanwhile, Joséphine does her best to protect Lola. However, she proves to be a most uncooperative defendant - for reasons that Joséphine understands only too well. 4/3/2019
    • S07E09Episode 9 Regarder With his role in the investigation irreparably tarnished, Roban loses his grip on the case. Laure and Gilou go ever further out on a limb with a rogue decision to reactivate the now-dormant money-laundering operation. Joséphine, who now works for Solignac, continues to set traps. 4/3/2019
    • S07E08Episode 8 Regarder Roban falls into a trap set by Joséphine and Edelman, whose professional partnership is now, however, on the rocks. Laure and Gilou continue to work on the investigation they've officially been taken off, identifying a suspect who may have been involved in the money-laundering operation. Beckriche's loyalty to his former boss is put to the test. 25/2/2019
    • S07E07Episode 7 Regarder Following the debacle resulting in Fouad's death, the team is taken off the investigation. Laure is increasingly concerned about Lebrion's interference, while Joséphine realises she also has reasons not to trust Edelman. 25/2/2019
    • S07E06Episode 6 Regarder The money-laundering operation closes ranks. Beckriche orders his team to let the fraud squad take the lead with their investigation, but will his colleagues comply? Out of prison, Joséphine finds herself trying to pick up the pieces of her personal and professional life. 18/2/2019
    • S07E05Episode 5 Regarder Police work to uncover the role of Ryan's elder brother Fouad in the money-laundering scheme. Beckriche calls on his former colleagues at the fraud squad to assist in the investigation, but his decision is controversial. Laure and Gilou make a breakthrough arrest, while Edelman presses for a crime scene reconstruction he thinks will help Joséphine. 18/2/2019
    • S07E04Episode 4 Regarder Laure follows the drug traffickers’ courier to a warehouse in Aubervilliers, where the investigation suddenly acquires a new dimension. Meanwhile, still frail, she struggles to cope with the responsibilities in her personal life. Joséphine has a hearing with the judge. And Roban pursues a case of negligence at a hospital by involving the hospital director. 11/2/2019
    • S07E03Episode 3 Regarder Ryan is not telling the whole story, so Roban decides to lock him up. The banknotes recovered from the robbery lead police to take their investigation to a nearby housing estate. Meanwhile, a link is uncovered between Wang and Herville, and Joséphine builds a rapport with her cellmate, Lola. 11/2/2019
    • S07E02Episode 2 Regarder As the police identify that their top priority is to track down Ryan and his gang, Gilou agrees to work with Laure again, but she must find her place now that he and Ali are a team. Meanwhile, Edelman provides legal counsel to Joséphine to help her get out of prison. 4/2/2019
    • S07E01Episode 1 Regarder Police Chief Herville is found dead in a Chinese restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Gilou must break the news to Laure, who is being treated in a police rehabilitation centre. Now in charge of the unit, Gilou begins investigating with new recruit Ali, who is fresh out of training. Meanwhile, Judge Roban returns to work from his time off sick only to find he is soon due to take compulsory retirement. And lawyer Joséphine struggles to adapt to life in prison while awaiting trial. 4/2/2019
  • ▶︎Saison 6 2017 Regarder
    • S06E12Episode 12 Regarder A blunder by the depleted detective team has a shocking outcome, while what Moldovan also sells is revealed. Will Edelman's bluntness sway Josephine? Roban runs out of options. 23/10/2017
    • S06E11Episode 11 Regarder Drissa Camara is double-crossed, but hopes his hold over Gilou will save him. The secrets and lies become too much for Tintin. Josephine is in jeopardy if she sticks to her story. 23/10/2017
    • S06E10Episode 10 Regarder Fabienne Mangin submits a modified plan to the City Council so that the land where the Roma camps were would be zoned as buildable. Having not obtained satisfaction, Drissa Camara is more threatening. For her part, Laure tries to find Maria and convince Herville to search for the vehicle of Calvi and Jolers. As for Josephine, she lets go of nothing and subpoenas Judge Roban and Attorney Machard to appear. Edelman fears such action will hurt his practice. 16/10/2017
    • S06E09Episode 9 Regarder Cars burned, vandalized bus shelters: anger is brewing in the city after a police blunder. The population thinks the police have abused their authority and used violence inappropriately. Some take advantage of the confusion to stir up trouble in the streets. Chaos is not far off. The prefect makes the point with the commissioners Herville and Beckriche and prohibits any questioning so as not to cause more riots. The extremely tense situation causes the Calvi to panic, while Jolers keeps a cool head. He intends to take advantage of the situation of Drissa Camara, who is at bay. 16/10/2017
    • S06E08Episode 8 Regarder The surveillance of Calvi and Jolers confirms that they are in touch with the Camara brothers. Beckriche is asking for additional resources for his team and categorically refuses to allow the IGPN to resume the investigation on its own. For his part, Roban receives the results of his brain biopsy. Joséphine starts working alongside Edelman and is interested in the Bodin file. She is, indeed, intrigued by Roban’s findings, that she has been more meticulous in her work. 9/10/2017
    • S06E07Episode 7 Regarder The fiasco of the search of the Roma camp leads the police to resume the investigation of the Bac. Arnaud Beckriche asks Laure and his colleagues to focus their efforts on Jolers and Calvi to establish the extent of corruption. Herville has confirmation that one of his men has warned the mayor of the operation to make it fail. To appease her revenge, Josephine takes action. In addition, Romy’s health is improving. 9/10/2017
    • S06E06Episode 6 Regarder Jean-Etienne Vern asks for Josephine’s help because he is summoned for a conciliation commission: Stéphanie, a former partner, declares the breach of her contract and accuses her of harassment. At the police station, Enzo’s interrogation of Justine sets the police on the trail of Maria, the girl’s best friend. Laure and his colleagues are trying to find young Roma but she no longer comes to college. 2/10/2017
    • S06E05Episode 5 Regarder The body of a teenager is found in the rubble of a building. Warned by Herville, Laure is convinced that there is a link with the investigation into the murder of Mercier and is trying to recover this case. In parallel, she continues her investigations to shed light on the rape of Josephine. Furthermore, the ex-wife of Fromentin is worried because she is unable to reach their son. The panic spreads to the policeman because Ruben does not answer his multiple calls either. 2/10/2017
    • S06E04Episode 4 Regarder Despite the strong objections of Beckriche, Laure, Gilou and Fromentin are convinced that they must stay on the trail of the Camara brothers. They discover that their homework is only a facade, behind which lies a traffic of contraband cigarettes. In the field, Gilou confesses the whole truth to Laure about the bullion. For his part, Tintin has to deal with the arrival of his son Ruben, who came to spend a few days with his father. In addition, Laure's investigation into Josephine's rape is progressing. 25/9/2017
    • S06E03Episode 3 Regarder The interrogation of the Camara brothers does not allow Laure to move forward, but Brémont informs him that his informer told him that Drissa and Bakary had taken part in a burglary, without the stolen gold being found. Josephine wakes up under a bridge, convinced she has been raped. She asks Laure for advice but categorically refuses to lodge a complaint, which could be detrimental to her career. Roban contacts Marianne because he wants to see her. At the trial, Rudy revisits his version of the facts and charges Thomas Weber. 25/9/2017
    • S06E02Episode 2 Regarder The torso has finally been identified: the victim was a policeman, a member of Bac Seine-Saint-Denis. On the spot, Gilou and Laure find the Commissioner Herville, their former superior. He informs them that a survey of the IGPN, investigated by Judge Roban, targeted the deceased's team. In another case, the mysterious death of Nicolas, the magistrate discovers that the young man and his roommate were paying off their charms. The trial of Thomas Weber, the son of a famous surgeon, begins. 18/9/2017
    • S06E01Episode 1 Regarder Four weeks after giving premature birth to Romy, still in an incubator at the hospital, Laure Berthaud is eager to resume service. The 2nd DPJ is called in the twentieth arrondissement where a human torso was discovered. Arnaud Beckriche, the new Commissioner, overseeing the investigation, leaves a week to his team to solve the case before transferring it to the criminal brigade. For her part, Josephine languishes in a firm specializing in business law when Eric Edelman comes to offer to defend the son of a famous cosmetic surgeon, accused of having ordered the murder of his father. 18/9/2017
  • ▶︎Season 5 2014 Regarder
    • S05E12Episode 12 Regarder Roban can't stand to see Tarek Ziani elude his charges and tries to bring him down using the Crime Unit's investigation into a luxury vehicle racket. 15/12/2014
    • S05E11Episode 11 Regarder Following the attack on Kimberley, the noose tightens around the criminal activities of Karen's girl gang. But as the police close in, they strike again. 15/12/2014
    • S05E10Episode 10 Regarder The investigation picks up when police find a fingerprint amongst Gabbai's belongings which links to the crime scene of the double murder. 8/12/2014
    • S05E09Episode 9 Regarder Gilou is taken into custody, as his team looks on in dismay. Joséphine defends Tarek Ziani and engages in a power struggle with Roban. 8/12/2014
    • S05E08Episode 8 Regarder The operation to capture Zacharie Gabbai has failed and he is now on the run. Carole Mendy requests Roban's help in a case of violent abuse. 1/12/2014
    • S05E07Episode 7 Regarder The police investigation into the double murder has uncovered a link between Sandrine Jaulin and Zacharie Gabbai's criminal gang. 1/12/2014
    • S05E06Episode 6 Regarder While pursuing the raiders, police come across new evidence which could potentially shift the focus of the double murder investigation. 24/11/2014
    • S05E05Episode 5 Regarder Herville strives to endear himself to the police commissioner. Laure's team hires an informant who was already on the payroll of Bremont's crime unit. 24/11/2014
    • S05E04Episode 4 Regarder New evidence emerges which proves damning for Jaulin. Herville presses on his team to nail the mugging ring. Josephine Karlsson comes up against an infamous, amoral lawyer in court. 17/1/2015
    • S05E03Episode 3 Regarder The double murder investigation steers Laure's team towards a group of bank raiders. 17/1/2015
    • S05E02Episode 2 Regarder Laure's team tracks down Stephane Jaulin, whose lawyer turns out to be Pierre Clement. The investigation widens to include other possible suspects. 10/11/2014
    • S05E01Episode 1 Regarder Laure Berthaud leads an investigation into a shocking double murder, while Josephine Karlsson takes on the case of a man accused of killing a policeman. 10/11/2014
  • ▶︎Season 4 2012 Regarder
    • S04E12Episode 12 Regarder The net draws in around Riffaut and his gang, but in-fighting within the police means that very dangerous loose ends remain on the streets of Paris. 8/10/2012
    • S04E11Episode 11 Regarder Kolabi is taken into custody, Karlsson attends court to defend victimised illegal immigrants and Roban attends a meeting with Prosecutor Machard. 8/10/2012
    • S04E10Episode 10 Regarder An online clue leads the team to the anarchists' squat, but during a raid Riffaut escapes. Judge Roban is given the results of his disciplinary hearing. 1/10/2012
    • S04E09Episode 9 Regarder On learning of Cetin's release from police custody, the Ozbeks suspect him of informing against them and Rodi is ordered to eliminate him. 1/10/2012
    • S04E08Episode 8 Regarder When the police raid the Sarahoui's flat, Gilou takes the opportunity to break into their nightclub and retrieve incriminating evidence against him. 24/9/2012
    • S04E07Episode 7 Regarder Berthault and her team are frustrated by new custody laws which ensure the presence of a lawyer during interviews. 24/9/2012
    • S04E06Episode 6 Regarder At a police meeting called when a youth is shot dead in a drive-by killing, Herville boasts that his unit will have arrests within 24 hours. 17/9/2012
    • S04E05Episode 5 Regarder The autopsy of the Kurd reveals a hidden clue which leads Herville to upgrade the case to the highest priority. Special Branch try to blackmail Karlsson. 17/9/2012
    • S04E04Episode 4 Regarder Berthaud stakes out the Turkish restaurant that the Kurdish suicide victim was known to frequent and uncovers a work crew of illegal immigrants. 10/9/2012
    • S04E03Episode 3 Regarder Berthaud and her team visit the scene of the immolation of a Kurdish detainee and spot Sophie Mazeret amongst the demonstrators outside the center. 10/9/2012
    • S04E02Episode 2 Regarder The Koné case takes a new turn with the destruction of a bank by a group of activists from the far-left. The lawyer Josephine Karlsson must come to the defense of Mary. but is retained by the team captain Laure Berthaud in the case of the student found dead, torn apart by a roadside bomb. Meanwhile, Josephine's associate, Pierre Clement, dreams of big business but having accepted crime lord Johnny Jorkal's request to defend him, he cannot help wondering why Jorkal has chosen him over someone more experienced. As for Gilou, he is approached by the nightclub owners who would like something done to resolve their problems with the authorities... 3/9/2012
    • S04E01Episode 1 Regarder DPJ group captain Laure Berthaud is responsible for investigating the case of a student blown apart by the bomb he was making. Soon he finds himself facing some far-left activists who advocate very radical urban guerrilla and direct targeting of police. Josephine Karlsson driven by her hatred of the police and government goes beyond her role as a lawyer and is trapped by the DCRI which monitors the far-left activists. Pierre Clément, who dreams of greater things, is wanted to defend Johnny Jorkal, a crime lord. Judge Roban, back to court after a long absence, finds he has been sidelined. 3/9/2012
  • ▶︎Season 3 2010 Regarder
    • S03E12Episode 12 Regarder The police finally close in on Niko's prostitution ring, but the killer evades custody leaving Laure in a race to get to him first. Judge Roban discovers that the moral high ground comes at a price, while Pierre finds Josephine has made a deal with Szabo to save him. 7/6/2010
    • S03E11Episode 11 Regarder Police strive to pinpoint the connection between the elusive leader of Niko's prostitution ring and the killer. Tension mounts between Laure and Gilou as he prepares to the leave the team and Judge Roban uncovers proof of Arnaud's betrayal and his reaction is unforgiving. 7/6/2010
    • S03E10Episode 10 Regarder Former public prosecutor Pierre Clement finds himself on the wrong side of the law and turns for help to the most unscrupulous lawyer he knows. Police tighten their surveillance on Niko's prostitution ring as the killer prepares to strike again, while Judge Roban discovers hard evidence to support his inquiry into municipal corruption. 31/5/2010
    • S03E09Episode 9 Regarder The police concentrate their efforts on putting Niko's prostitution ring under surveillance in the hope of tracking down a man who is an essential link in the investigation. Meanwhile, Bremont puts pressure on Gilou, prompting Laure to jeopardise everything to help him, and Roban suspects someone may have betrayed him. 31/5/2010
    • S03E08Episode 8 Regarder Judge Roban asks CID to take charge of the investigation when new evidence comes to light and Laure is forced to take a back seat as Superintendent Bremor leads the case. Meanwhile, Pierre goes beyond the call of duty for his troubled client, and Judge Roban's pupil finds himself the target of a blackmailer. 24/5/2010
    • S03E07Episode 7 Regarder Laure continues to protest that the serial killer is still at large, despite the evidence and opposition from her team. Meanwhile, Clement defends a young offender with a troubled past and Judge Roban ploughs on with his corruption inquiry - sparing no one in the process. 24/5/2010
    • S03E06Episode 6 Regarder Judge Roban transfers the case to the Crime Squad after an alarming number of procedural blunders occur, while the police are due to release the main suspect. Laure's reaction is surprising, but she remains determined to catch the killer, and Gilou finds himself in trouble. 17/5/2010
    • S03E05Episode 5 Regarder The police manage to remand their prime suspect in custody, but a series of revelations threatens to jeopardise the solidity of their case. Meanwhile, Judge Roban's uncharacteristically hasty actions look set to compromise his impartiality, and Pierre Clement finds himself roped into dealing with an unusual case. 17/5/2010
    • S03E04Episode 4 Regarder The police struggle to hold on to their suspect when he is hospitalised, while prostitutes who have been exploited by a criminal gang still believe the killer is at large. Judge Roban finds his head swayed by his heart as his personal life starts to have an impact on his work, while former public prosecutor Pierre Clement joins forces with an unscrupulous solicitor. 10/5/2010
    • S03E03Episode 3 Regarder The identity of the second body is revealed to be that of missing girl Celia Morau and the police begin to search for a serial killer, delving into the Paris underworld for clues. With little progress in catching the culprit, Judge Roban threatens to hand the case over to the Serious Crime Squad, but an important breakthrough occurs. 10/5/2010
    • S03E02Episode 2 Regarder Laure struggles to keep her team under control when a second woman is reported missing. Meanwhile, public prosecutor Pierre Clement pays the price for refusing to cave in to pressure, and Judge Roban's investigation into possible corruption causes discomfort in high places. 3/5/2010
    • S03E01Episode 1 Regarder Police captain Laure Berthaud seizes the opportunity to redeem her tarnished reputation when the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered, and immediately launches a search with her squad for the sadistic killer. Meanwhile, Judge Roban's investigation into the case of a child bitten by a dog turns out to have broader implications. French detective drama, starring Caroline Proust. 3/5/2010
  • ▶︎Season 2 2008 Regarder
    • S02E08Episode 8 Regarder Samy tries to allay the suspicions of the Larbi brothers as the operation reaches its conclusion while Karlsson continues to walk a fine line. Last in the series. 2/6/2008
    • S02E07Episode 7 Regarder As Samy's undercover operation nears its conclusion, the team prepares to arrest the Larbi brothers - but an unforeseen complication occurs and the detective's identity is called into question. 2/6/2008
    • S02E06Episode 6 Regarder Samy goes deep undercover with the Larbi gang. The police are closing in on Aziz, but as usual nothing is straightforward. Josephine Karlsson is up to her neck in the dealings of the Larbi gang. Clement plays a clever game behind the scenes. 26/5/2008
    • S02E05Episode 5 Regarder The mysterious north African, Samy, arrives from Special Branch to help with the investigation into the Larbi crime family. Aziz is still out of control and finally pushes one of his young gang members too far - the team are called to a street shooting and the perpetrator is a sinister teenager. 26/5/2008
    • S02E04Episode 4 Regarder Rachid is dead, causing problems for both Karlsson and the police. Gilou has to investigate a murder linked to a gay nightclub. 19/5/2008
    • S02E03Episode 3 Regarder Laure's net is closing in on Aziz, but she still has to call in a favour from Roban to help her hold a suspect. A police stakeout on the estate goes dangerously wrong. Pierre is faced with a moral dilemma as his star begins to rise. Karlsson continues to play a dangerous game with Szabo's shady clients. 19/5/2008
    • S02E02Episode 2 Regarder Laure is disciplined for her use of force on a suspect and comes into conflict with Clement over his compromising newspaper interview. Karlsson is taken into Szabo's pay as his accomplice in representing the drug ring. Judge Roban uses his usual cunning in investigating a strange rape allegation. 12/5/2008
    • S02E01Episode 1 Regarder When a charred corpse is found in the boot of a car in the suburbs, Berthaud's police team are called to the scene along with the prosecutors Roban and Clement. So begins an investigation which forces the team into the broken, gang-ruled suburbs of Paris, and once more to the door of shady lawyer Josephine Karlsson. 12/5/2008
  • ▶︎Season 1 2005 Regarder
    • S01E08Episode 8 Regarder With Benoit Faye in intensive care following an assassination attempt, the prosecution in the Andrescu case has lost its main witness. The events leading up to the sisters' double murder are reconstructed using Benoit's recollections. 3/1/2006
    • S01E07Episode 7 Regarder Pierre Clement unwittingly endangers Benoit Faye's life when he resolves to have his friend arrested in connection with the Andrescu case. Lawyer Josephine Karlsson is called in to defend a young man accused of rape, while Gilout is compromised by blackmailers. 3/1/2006
    • S01E06Episode 6 Regarder Pierre begins divorce proceedings after his estranged wife is implicated in a drug trafficking scandal. Josephine defends a man accused of committing brutal acts of torture, while Gilout's drug addiction tests Berthaud's patience 27/12/2005
    • S01E05Episode 5 Regarder The inquiry into Elina Andrescu's murder takes yet another disturbing turn when the body of her missing sister Sophia is found in a freezer. A distraught Ghislaine Androux is brought to trial in connection with the murder of her baby, but Judge Roban soon begins to regret meddling in the affair. 27/12/2005
    • S01E04Episode 4 Regarder A prominent ministerial adviser, who has links to prosecutor Pierre Clement's close friend Benoit Faye, joins the list of suspects for the ruthless killing of Elina Andrescu. Meanwhile, Captain Laure Berthaud comes up against lawyer Josephine Karlsson during an inquiry into a double murder. 20/12/2005
    • S01E03Episode 3 Regarder The police delve into the personal life of a businessman who burned to death in his own home, Clement struggles to conceal his friendship with a suspect in the Andrescu case, and Gilout's drug habit gets out of control. The mother of a murdered baby is accused of negligence. 20/12/2005
    • S01E02Episode 2 Regarder The police make an appeal to the Press and get their hands on Elina's diary - which reveals she had friends in high places. Pierre discovers a connection between the murder victim and a childhood friend of his, now a wealthy businessman - and it seems they met the day before she died. 13/12/2005
    • S01E01Episode 1 Regarder A public prosecutor is teamed with a hardened police captain and a magistrate to identify a body found discarded in a skip. As the case unfolds, their investigation uncovers deception and political intrigue. 13/12/2005

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