La casa de papel

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Huit voleurs font une prise d'otages dans la Maison royale de la Monnaie d'Espagne, tandis qu'un génie du crime manipule la police pour mettre son plan à exécution.

Acteurs principaux

  • Úrsula Corberó
  • Álvaro Morte
  • Itziar Ituño
  • Pedro Alonso
  • Alba Flores
  • Miguel Herrán
  • Jaime Lorente
  • Esther Acebo
  • Enrique Arce
  • Darko Peric
  • Hovik Keuchkerian
  • Rodrigo de la Serna
  • Najwa Nimri
  • Antonio Cuellar Rodriguez
  • Daniel Oliveira

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de La casa de papel

  • ▶︎Season 2 2019 Regarder
    • S02E16The Paris Plan Regarder The Professor, Benjamin and the others attempt to free Lisboa. Tokyo's anger threatens her faith in the plan. Sierra takes matters into her own hands. 3/4/2020
    • S02E15Strike the Tent Regarder The group reels following the attack on one of their own. The Professor puts his adjusted plan in motion with the help of new recruits and Palermo. 3/4/2020
    • S02E14TKO Regarder With Nairobi held hostage, Gandía negotiates with the crew. The Professor desperately seeks a new plan to save his team. 3/4/2020
    • S02E135 Minutes Earlier Regarder Denver turns to an undercover source for help. Nairobi attempts to motivate her team as the danger around them intensifies. 3/4/2020
    • S02E12Pasodoble Regarder In the past, Berlin predicts that Gandía will cause problems for the operation. Sierra's interrogation of Lisboa leads to a personal revelation. 3/4/2020
    • S02E11Anatomy Lesson Regarder The Professor's mole attempts to pass along his message to the person inside the tent. Denver's jealousy toward Mónica and Rio's friendship heightens. 3/4/2020
    • S02E10Berlin's Wedding Regarder Palermo shocks the group with his actions. Sierra pressures her subject to take a deal. The Professor remembers his brother's wedding. 3/4/2020
    • S02E09Game Over Regarder Anger and grief heighten tensions between the group. The Professor, while in mourning, attempts to make a daring and dangerous escape. 3/4/2020
    • S02E08Astray Regarder Tokyo attempts to drown her sorrows. Sierra uses personal tactics to target a vulnerable Nairobi, while Suarez continues to hunt down Raquel. 19/7/2019
    • S02E07A Quick Vacation Regarder Tokyo's happiness turns bittersweet. Angel closes in on a quarreling Raquel and the Professor. Authorities offer a multimillion-dollar reward for tips. 19/7/2019
    • S02E06Everything Seemed Insignificant Regarder Just as Inspector Sierra orchestrates a plan to sneak a team into the Bank of Spain, the Professor and Raquel lose communication with Palermo. 19/7/2019
    • S02E05Boom, Boom, Ciao Regarder The Professor shocks officials with his latest stunt, but in response, a new inspector rattles Raquel. Palermo and Nairobi get into a heated argument. 19/7/2019
    • S02E04It's Dolphin Time Regarder Tamayo's breaches of protocol surprise the Professor. Bogota calms Denver's anxieties. With time running out, Palermo initiates the "Flipper" plan. 19/7/2019
    • S02E0348 Meters Underground Regarder Tokyo and Nairobi's efforts go drastically awry. The Professor recalls Berlin detailing how they'd steal the gold from the water-logged vault. 19/7/2019
    • S02E02Aikido Regarder The Professor recruits Martin to put his brother's plan into action and target the Bank of Spain. First step? Create total chaos. 19/7/2019
    • S02E01We're Back Regarder When Rio is captured, a distraught Tokyo turns to the Professor for help. Armed with a bold new plan, they reunite the team in order to rescue him. 19/7/2019
  • ▶︎Season 1 2017 Regarder
    • S01E15Episode 15 Regarder As the police decides to storm the Factory and rescue the hostages, the robbers finish the escape tunnel and start to stash the printed money. After an explosion, everything leads to a final showdown. Will the hostages be saved and can the robbers escape - everyone with their lives intact? 23/11/2017
    • S01E14Episode 14 Regarder With one of their own critically injured, the robbers race against time to save his life and to finish the tunnel before they get caught. After being removed from the case due to her relationship with The Professor, Raquel sets out to conduct her own search for the mastermind. 16/11/2017
    • S01E13Episode 13 Regarder During a conversation with Salva at the bar, Raquel spots a tiny detail that gets her mind racing. After confessing a long-held secret, Moscow loses his son's trust and Denver is comforted by Monica. A contingency plan to free Tokyo hits a snag, forcing her to improvise. 9/11/2017
    • S01E12Episode 12 Regarder Nairobi takes charge among the robbers and it is decided to use the release of another group of hostages to gain sympathy with the public via the media. That doesn't prevent Arturo from making another plan to escape from the building. Raquel is getting more intimate with Salva, which encourages her to set a trap for The Professor and unveil his true identity. 2/11/2017
    • S01E11Episode 11 Regarder After being captured involuntary, Tokyo is questioned by the police, especially about the real identity of The Professor. Inside the Factory, Berlin's recent actions are being questioned by his fellow criminals - which leads to a revolt among them after an execution. Also, Salva is being rescued at the police station by Raquel. 23/10/2017
    • S01E10Episode 10 Regarder While the police comb the country house in Toledo in which The Professor and his band planned the heist, the robbers' nerves reach a breaking point within the Factory. At odds with each other and uncertain about how to proceed, Tokyo and Berlin get into a fight - leaving one of them in distress. Also, Salva meets Raquel's ex-husband and forensic expert Alberto Vicuna - which doesn't end well for him. 16/10/2017
    • S01E09Episode 9 Regarder Surprised by the escape of a small group of hostages, the robbers and the police are getting entangled into a wild shoot-out. As a consequence, the thieves offer the remaining hostages a deal: money or freedom? Meanwhile, Raquel has to deal with Angel being in a critical condition at the hospital after a mysterious car accident - and with Salva unexpectedly meeting her mother. 27/6/2017
    • S01E08Episode 8 Regarder When someone once again interferes with the police investigation, Raquel and Angel have to question each other's loyalties and friendship. In the light of Monica's well-being, Arturo comes up with a risky escape plan for them and a group of a few other hostages. Rio is faced with a difficult decision that involves his future, and that of his lover, Tokyo. 20/6/2017
    • S01E07Episode 7 Regarder Listening to shots being fired inside, Raquel decides to enter the Factory to ascertain that all of the hostages are still alive and well. The police tries to use this opportunity to win over one of the robbers to cooperate with them - while Angel is on to Salva, who seems to grow closer to Raquel. Also, a deep secret is revealed about Berlin, and it shakes up the dynamic among the robbers. 13/6/2017
    • S01E06Episode 6 Regarder After almost getting caught by Raquel at the scrapyard, The Professor has to find a way to scare of a witness that could reveal his identity. One clue he deliberately left behind helps the police to identify Berlin, who seeks revenge once his own name is revealed and slandered in the media - which leads to an unexpected discovery. Meanwhile, the police is searching for a mole in their own midst. 6/6/2017
    • S01E05Episode 5 Regarder Rio has to process a shocking message via a news report that they watch on television. Berlin, the leader of the robbers inside the Factory, is forced by Tokyo to confess to The Professor that he ordered Denver to shoot the hostage Monica. A new lead in the investigation, thanks to surveillance footage and a mistake done by one of the robbers, Helsinki, confronts The Professor with the serious risk that his identity could be revealed to Raquel and the police. 30/5/2017
    • S01E04Episode 4 Regarder While Nairobi, one of the robbers, oversees the continual progression of printing new money, Arturo's condition worsens rapidly. The Professor negotiates with Raquel to let a medical team into the Factory, and Angel sneaks in as a Trojan horse disguised as a nurse to get more informations from inside. Meanwhile, the police tries to find another way into the building, which looks promising until they find out that they were secretly discovered and have to abort the mission. 23/5/2017
    • S01E03Episode 3 Regarder Monica Gaztambide, the secretary and pregnant mistress of the chief of the Factory, Arturo Roman, gets shot by another robber, Denver. While Raquel is in negotiations with The Professor about the hostages and consults with Prieto and her colleague, sub-inspector Angel Rubio, she gets an important private phone call from her mother, delivered to her by the strange gentleman she met at the bar, Salva. When Moscow learns that his son, Denver, shot a hostage, he wants to give up himself - which leads to another hostage being shot at. 16/5/2017
    • S01E02Episode 2 Regarder Knowing that the police won't try to storm the building again after their first failed attempt, the robbers start to use the hostages to print money, to dig a tunnel for their escape, and to negotiate with the police. Raquel, who quit due to a verbal argument with Colonel Prieto after the failed rescue mission, meets a strange gentleman at a bar and gets suspicious. Because of Alison's phone, the police is able to identify 2 of the robbers, Tokyo and Rio - and that's not the only phone the robbers missed to collect. 9/5/2017
    • S01E01Episode 1 Regarder After months of preparation and seclusion, The Professor and his band of eight recruited robbers begin to attack the National Coinage and Stamp Factory of Spain. Everything goes according to plan, until the police shows up and shots are fired. Hostage negotiator inspector Raquel Murillo makes initial contact with The Professor, and it turns out that one of the hostages, Alison Parker, is a crucial part of the thieves' plan. 2/5/2017
  • ▶︎Specials 2017 Regarder
    • Episode 9 Regarder As the police enter the Mint, Berlín leads the robbers in a final showdown. Will they escape with the 984 million euros—and with their lives intact? 6/4/2018
    • Episode 8 Regarder After being removed from the case due to her relationship with the Professor, Raquel sets out to conduct her own search for the mastermind. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 7 Regarder With one of their own critically injured, the robbers race against time to save his life. During a moment alone, Ariadna makes a confession to Mónica. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 6 Regarder After confessing a long-held secret, Moscow loses his son's trust. A contingency plan to free Tokyo hits a snag, forcing her to improvise. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 5 Regarder Arturo tries to set another escape plan in motion. During a conversation with Salva, Raquel spots a tiny detail that gets her mind racing. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 4 Regarder Recognizing their plan isn't working out, the robbers instead aim to win over the public via the press. Raquel plots a trap to capture the Professor. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 3 Regarder Hoping to learn the Professor's identity, Raquel appeals to her captive's emotions. A punishment for "high treason" sparks a revolt among the robbers. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 2 Regarder The police interrogate the first robber to be captured. Furious over Berlín's recent actions, Río takes a stand against him. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 1 Regarder As forensic experts comb the Toledo country house for DNA, the Professor loses control. Inside the Mint, the robbers' nerves reach a breaking point. 6/4/2018
    • Episode 13 Regarder The Professor meets Raquel's mother under stressful circumstances. At the Mint, the thieves offer the hostages a decision: money or freedom? 20/12/2017
    • Episode 12 Regarder Arturo continues to formulate an escape plan for a group of hostages. The Professor reveals who gave him the idea for the heist. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 11 Regarder Ángel and Raquel question each other's loyalties. Mónica makes a move on Denver. Río is faced with a difficult decision. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 10 Regarder Raquel enters the Mint to ascertain that all of the hostages are still alive and well. Nairobi gives Alison advice. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 9 Regarder The Professor races to stop a witness from identifying him. Berlín seeks revenge once his own name is revealed and slandered in the press. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 8 Regarder Tokyo catches Alison chatting with Río and confronts her. The police suspect a spy is in their midst. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 7 Regarder A break in the investigation and a mistake by one of the thieves puts the Professor at serious risk of being discovered. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 6 Regarder Mónica's condition worsens. The Professor enjoys the spoils of his latest trick. Río is disturbed by news he sees on the television. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 5 Regarder The thieves let a medical team enter the Mint, and an undercover policeman sneaks in with them. Can the Professor stay one step ahead of Raquel? 20/12/2017
    • Episode 4 Regarder Raquel suffers a personal crisis with her ex. The hostages are frightened by the gunshots they overheard. The thieves argue among themselves. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 3 Regarder Police grab an image of the face of one of the robbers. Raquel is suspicious of the gentleman she meets at a bar. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 2 Regarder Hostage negotiator Raquel makes initial contact with the Professor. One of the hostages is a crucial part of the thieves' plans. 20/12/2017
    • Episode 1 Regarder The Professor recruits a young female robber and seven other criminals for a grand heist, targeting the Royal Mint of Spain. 20/12/2017

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