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Les aventures de Hope Mikaelson, la fille tribride du vampire originel Klaus, et de Lizzie et Josie Saltzman, les jumelles d'Alaric, au sein de l'école Salvatore de Mystic Falls, réservée aux jeunes vampires, sorciers, et autres êtres surnaturels.

Acteurs principaux

  • Danielle Rose Russell
  • Aria Shahghasemi
  • Matthew Davis
  • Kaylee Bryant
  • Jenny Boyd
  • Quincy Fouse

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de Legacies

  • Nouveau Bientôt
    ▶︎Season 3 2021 Regarder
    • S03E05This is What It Takes Regarder
    • S03E04Hold on Tight Regarder 11/2/2021
    • S03E03Salvatore: The Musical! Regarder 4/2/2021
    • S03E02Goodbyes Sure Do Suck Regarder The Super Squad pulls out all the stops when they learn some devastating news involving one of their own. Alaric turns to Sheriff Mac for help getting some timely affairs in order. 28/1/2021
    • S03E01We're Not Worthy Regarder In order to get a handle on some urgencies at the school, Alaric sends the students off-campus for their first-ever field day. But when a medieval monster arrives with a challenge, the students are left scrambling to guess which one of them may be a worthy opponent. 21/1/2021
  • ▶︎Season 2 2019 Regarder
    • S02E16Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing Regarder In a race to save Josie, Hope infiltrates her subconscious and finds herself in a fairytale world filled with dark magic. Back at the Salvatore School, Alaric, Lizzie and the Super Squad commit to their own risky plan to get Josie back despite the potential consequences. 26/3/2020
    • S02E15Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself Regarder When things take a dark turn on the twins’ 17th birthday, Lizzie is left to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Hope takes drastic measures when she and Alaric clash over how to handle an issue involving Josie. Finally, Rafael makes a heartbreaking discovery. 19/3/2020
    • S02E14There's a Place Where the Lost Things Go Regarder In order to deal with their recent trauma, Emma suggests the students participate in a group simulation that transports them to a film noir world. Hope, Josie, Lizzie, MG and Rafael quickly learn they must confront their conflicts head-on or risk facing the game’s catastrophic consequences. 12/3/2020
    • S02E13You Can't Save Them All Regarder Hope finds herself in a race against the clock as the threat of the prophecy looms and the pressure to rescue the Saltzmans grows. Meanwhile, Alaric's attempt to keep his family safe leads him to make a difficult decision. 13/2/2020
    • S02E12Kai Parker Screwed Us Regarder When a series of events leads Josie, Lizzie and Alaric to the prison world, they come face to face with the twins' evil uncle Kai. 6/2/2020
    • S02E11What Cupid Problem? Regarder After learning that Josie, Lizzie and Alaric are in trouble, Hope leads the charge to save them. Meanwhile, Landon seizes the chance to keep an eye on the latest monster in town in order to prove himself useful. Elsewhere, MG’s attempt at a perfect first date with Kym takes a disastrous turn when Hope enlists his help in her plan. 30/1/2020
    • S02E10This Is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies Regarder As the witches of the Salvatore School come together to celebrate Coven Day, the latest monster to infiltrate the school targets Alyssa Chang and the other students by spreading discord and creating chaos among the covens. Elsewhere, Alaric, Lizzie and Josie search for a solution that keeps Josie protected from the dark magic brewing inside the mora miserium. Fed up with feeling powerless alongside Hope, Landon asks her to give him self- defense training. Finally, Alaric's past comes back to haunt him. 23/1/2020
    • S02E09I Couldn't Have Done This Without You Regarder Back and ready to wreak havoc, The Necromancer's plan for revenge on Malivore takes a turn when he realizes he is now a human and powerless. To mend fences with Josie, Hope offers to help her learn more about the mora miserium. Elsewhere, Alaric enlists Landon's help to find out if Sebastian is a threat to the school. 16/1/2020
    • S02E08This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent Regarder Hope joins forces with an unlikely ally to take down a Christmas monster, who’s using holiday cheer to infiltrate the Salvatore School. Elsewhere, Landon surprises Rafael with news about his family lineage, and Sebastian accompanies Lizzie on her latest mission. 12/12/2019
    • S02E07It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough Regarder After deciding that leaving town would be for the best, Hope gets pulled back in after Josie comes up with a risky plan to close the Malivore portal. Elsewhere, Alaric and Dorian make an alarming discovery about Professor Vardemus, while Rafael learns some upsetting news about Landon's future. 5/12/2019
    • S02E06That's Nothing I Had to Remember Regarder When a truth-seeking monster arrives in Mystic Falls during Commonwealth Day, Hope and Lizzie fear that the secrets they’ve each been keeping have made them targets. Meanwhile, MG, Kaleb and Kym seek out an unlikely ally, who may have knowledge on how to take down the latest monster. Finally, Freya receives an unexpected visit from one of the Salvatore Students. 21/11/2019
    • S02E05Screw Endgame Regarder As the Salvatore School prepares for its upcoming ‘80s-themed decade dance, Hope and Lizzie find themselves trapped inside a never-ending labyrinth with a monster on their trail. 14/11/2019
    • S02E04Since When Do You Speak Japanese? Regarder When a samurai shows up looking for a demon that possesses its victims, Josie leads the charge to defend her friends from the demon's wrath; MG is conflicted by a secret he's uncovered about Lizzie's new vampire friend, Sebastian. 7/11/2019
    • S02E03You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know Regarder As the Salvatore School prepares for its annual football game against Mystic Falls High, the latest monster to arrive in Mystic Falls sets its eyes on one of the students. Alaric goes head to head with Professor Vardemus. 24/10/2019
    • S02E02This Year Will Be Different Regarder Determined to move forward with her new life alone, Hope's latest hunt leads her on a collision course with the past. Landon's newfound status as the popular guy leads to tensions with Josie. MG contemplates telling Lizzie how he feels about her. 17/10/2019
    • S02E01I'll Never Give Up Hope Regarder Hope becomes more determined than ever to find her way back to Mystic Falls. Alaric continues looking into the mysterious night Malivore was destroyed. As the students leave for summer vacation, Landon stays behind to keep an eye on Rafael. 10/10/2019
  • ▶︎Season 1 2018 Regarder
    • S01E16There's Always a Loophole Regarder When a group of unwelcome visitors descends upon The Salvatore School, Hope leads the charge to keep her friends safe. Meanwhile, MG uncovers a secret about his mother and Josie finds herself in a dire situation. 28/3/2019
    • S01E15I’ll Tell You a Story Regarder When the fallout of Hope’s actions leaves her and Landon on the outs, she turns to Lizzie for help making things right. Meanwhile, Landon uncovers secrets about his past, while Josie looks into a secret that Alaric has been keeping. 21/3/2019
    • S01E14Let's Just Finish the Dance Regarder As the Salvatore School prepares to host the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, Hope secretly deals with a recent trauma that’s causing her magic to go on the fritz. Meanwhile, the unexpected arrival of Roman, a boy from Hope’s past, causes Landon to be on alert. Elsewhere, MG struggles with the fallout from his recent actions, while Josie’s secret desire to win Miss Mystic Falls takes a backseat to Lizzie’s plan for the pageant. 14/3/2019
    • S01E13The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do Regarder When a spontaneous road trip to visit MG’s parents leaves him and Landon missing, and a distressed Rafael with no memory of what happened, Hope, Alaric and Kaleb set out to find them before it’s too late. 7/3/2019
    • S01E12There's a Mummy on Main Street Regarder When the urn goes missing, Alaric, Hope, Josie, Lizzie, Kaleb, Dorian and Emma hit the road to locate the artifact before the next Malivore creature arrives. Meanwhile, Lizzie takes aim at Hope for all the past spring breaks she’s ruined. Finally, the group bands together when a town-wide quarantine threatens to expose their supernatural identities. 28/2/2019
    • S01E11We're Gonna Need A Spotlight Regarder When Alaric decides to postpone the school’s annual talent show, Lizzie and Josie are determined to make sure the show goes on. Meanwhile, tensions arise when the students face a creature that lowers their inhibitions. Lastly, Alaric decides to play hooky with Emma 21/2/2019
    • S01E10There's a World Where Your Dreams Come True Regarder Following a stay in Europe with her mother, Lizzie returns to Mystic Falls and comes face to face with someone who could make all her wishes come true – including making Hope Mikaelson disappear. 7/2/2019
    • S01E09What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams? Regarder During a stressful week of exams, Hope, Rafael, Landon and MG’s attempts to study get thwarted by the arrival of a new monster who feeds off their worst fears. Meanwhile, Hope struggles with a secret she’s been keeping from Landon. 31/1/2019
    • S01E08Maybe I Should Start From the End Regarder After discovering that Landon is in trouble, Hope and Alaric set out in search for him. Along the way, they uncover some startling information about Landon’s past. 24/1/2019
    • S01E07Death Keeps Knocking On My Door Regarder As Hope hit the books to learn more about the latest creature to arrive to the school, things take a dark and twisted turn leaving her to confront one of her darkest fears. Meanwhile, Alaric attempts to help Rafael cope after his past comes back to haunt him. 13/12/2018
    • S01E06Mombie Dearest Regarder As Lizzie and Josie prepare for their long awaited sweet sixteen party, Alaric finds himself preoccupied with the latest supernatural arrival – one that hits a little too close to home. Elsewhere, Penelope’s latest plan gives MG one last shot at impressing Lizzie on her big day, while an unexpected betrayal causes tensions to boil over between Hope and Rafael. 6/12/2018
    • S01E05Malivore Regarder Tensions rise among the students after Alaric decides to give the students a bigger voice by forming an honor council. Determined to find out more about Landon’s past, Hope does a series of magical tests on him. Meanwhile, Alaric and Dorian take on the next creature to try and find out what they want and where they are coming from. 29/11/2018
    • S01E04Hope Is Not the Goal Regarder When two local students go missing, Alaric sends Hope, Lizzie, MG and Landon to Mystic Falls High to investigate. Meanwhile, as Josie helps Rafael adjust to his new life at the school, his reluctance to follow the wolf pack’s rules puts a target on his back. Lastly, an unsettling discovery puts Alaric and Sheriff Donovan at odds with one another. 15/11/2018
    • S01E03We're Being Punked, Pedro Regarder As punishment for breaking the rules, Hope, Lizzie, Josie and MG are forced to participate in a community service project in the Mystic Falls town square. Meanwhile, Landon and Rafael’s attempt at a carefree life on the road takes a dangerous turn when they become unsuspecting targets. Finally, Alaric realizes that keeping secrets from his students may be causing more harm than good. 8/11/2018
    • S01E02Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn Regarder Alaric, Hope and Rafael hit the road in search of Landon, who’s sudden disappearance has raised some suspicion. Meanwhile, during an annual flag football game against Mystic Falls High, Lizzie and Josie’s plan to stay under the radar quickly gets derailed after Penelope gets involved. 1/11/2018
    • S01E01This Is the Part Where You Run Regarder Under the guidance of headmaster Alaric Saltzman, the next generation of supernatural beings at The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted — including tri-brid Hope Mikaelson, Alaric’s twins Lizzie and Josie, high-energy vampire MG, newly-triggered werewolf Rafael and the mysterious Landon — come of age in the most unconventional way possible, nurtured to be their best selves...in spite of their worst impulses. 25/10/2018

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