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Michael Scofield s'engage dans une véritable lutte contre la montre : son frère Lincoln est dans le couloir de la mort, en attente de son exécution. Persuadé de son innocence mais à court de solutions, Michael décide de se faire incarcérer à son tour dans le pénitencier d'état de Fox River pour organiser leur évasion... 5 bonnes raisons de regarder Prison break : 

1) pour son intrigue principale

2) pour ses personnages dont le duo de Michael et Lincoln

3) pour son suspens et ses rebondissements

4) pour son duo fraternel

5) pour ses histoires d’amitiés et d’amour.

Acteurs principaux

  • Wentworth Miller
  • Dominic Purcell
  • Sarah Wayne Callies
  • Paul Adelstein
  • Rockmond Dunbar
  • Robert Knepper
  • Amaury Nolasco
  • Inbar Lavi
  • Augustus Prew
  • Mark Feuerstein

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de Prison Break

  • ▶︎Season 5 - Resurrection 2017 Regarder
    • S05E09Behind the Eyes Regarder Dangerous threats keep Michael and Lincoln fighting to protect Sara and Mike. Meanwhile, Poseidon continues to try and outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang, which leads them to the ultimate showdown, and not everyone makes it out alive. 30/5/2017
    • S05E08Progeny Regarder When Sara and her son's safety is threatened, Michael and Lincoln recruit the help of Sheba and C-Note to try and catch Poseidon. Meanwhile, Whip goes on a separate mission and T-Bag reveals a secret. 23/5/2017
    • S05E07Wine-Dark Sea Regarder Sara becomes fearful of her family's safety when she discovers the real reason that Michael faked his own death. In the meantime, Michael and Lincoln continue to try find a way home with the help of Sucre, and the real identity of Poseidon is revealed. 16/5/2017
    • S05E06Phaeacia Regarder As Michael, Lincoln and the remaining Ogygia gang try to escape Yemen, they find themselves racing though the desert from a vengeful Cyclops. Meanwhile, A&W and Van Gogh question their roles as their pursuit of the escapees leads them to...Graceland. 9/5/2017
    • S05E05Contingency Regarder Lincoln becomes frustrated as he tries to understand what really happened to Michael. C-Note has a new escape plan, but fears it will not be executed quickly enough, as Cyclops is trailing closely behind. Meanwhile, Sara struggles with the idea that Michael may be alive. 2/5/2017
    • S05E04The Prisoner's Dilemma Regarder Michael, Whip and Ja make their last attempt to break from Ogygia, but must make a deal with the devil to do so. Lincoln races against the clock to help with the escape, as T-Bag meets with Kellerman to gather more info on Michael's resurrection. 25/4/2017
    • S05E03The Liar Regarder When T-Bag ambushes Sara, he warns her that two of Poseidon's henchmen, Van Gogh and A&W, may be following her. Meanwhile, Lincoln attempts to retrieve his confiscated passport to escape Yemen, and Michael plans his next move. 18/4/2017
    • S05E02Kaniel Outis Regarder As Lincoln and C-Note search for the "Sheik of Light," Michael and his cellmate, Whip, attempt an escape from Ogygia. Meanwhile, Sara's investigation into Michael's reappearance leads her to the state department and an uneasy reunion with Paul Kellerman. 11/4/2017
    • S05E01Ogygia Regarder It's been seven years since Michael was presumed dead, but when clues suggest that he might still be alive, Lincoln reunites with Sara to help track down the truth. 4/4/2017
  • ▶︎Season 4 2008 Regarder
    • S04E22Killing Your Number Regarder Michael tries to bring down the Company once and for all. 15/5/2009
    • S04E21Rate of Exchange Regarder Familiar faces return to help Michael end his quest to bring down The Company once and for all. 15/5/2009
    • S04E20Cowboys & Indians Regarder Pandemonium erupts at the hotel following the assassination, and Christina puts the final pieces of her plan together. Meanwhile, the General makes good on his threat, and Michael is forced to choose between saving either Lincoln or Sara. 8/5/2009
    • S04E19S.O.B Regarder Michael's reunion with Christina is soured when she drops a bombshell regarding Lincoln, and T-Bag grows determined to prove he is worthy of being a member of the Company. 1/5/2009
    • S04E18VS. Regarder Michael and Lincoln come to blows over Scylla as Christina sets the wheels in motion for her plan. Meanwhile, Sara receives life-changing news. T-Bag arrives at the Indian Embassy. The General becomes increasingly paranoid. 24/4/2009
    • S04E17The Mother Lode Regarder Michael and Sara journey to Miami while Lincoln meets with his mother. T-Bag and Self's mission to locate Scylla takes a dramatic turn. The General comes under pressure. 17/4/2009
    • S04E16The Sunshine State Regarder Lincoln and his new partners arrive in Miami to recover Scylla from its shocking new owner, and Sara searches for a missing Michael who learns some surprising information about his past. Meanwhile, a double-crossing leads to a death and an arrest in "The Sunshine State." 22/12/2008
    • S04E15Going Under Regarder Michael gets medical attention from the most unlikely of places, and Charles Westmoreland returns to help uncover the true meaning of Scylla. Meanwhile, Lincoln and Sucre race to stop Gretchen before Scylla is lost forever. 15/12/2008
    • S04E14Just Business Regarder Michael, whose condition is deteriorating, winds up in the hands of The Company who promise Lincoln that they can save Michael's life in exchange for a favor. Elsewhere, Gretchen and Self wind up with Scylla and a buyer. 8/12/2008
    • S04E13Deal Or No Deal Regarder It's up to Michael to hold the gang together after they find out they were betrayed by one of their own. Meanwhile, Gretchen is blackmailed by T-Bag's new partner. 1/12/2008
    • S04E12Selfless Regarder Sara takes a hostage in a bid to secure Scylla. In the meantime, Michael and Lincoln finally meet the General while one of their members switches allegiance. 24/11/2008
    • S04E11Quiet Riot Regarder Michael races against time and his ailing health to break into the Company headquarters to steal Scylla, but the break-in’s success lies with Sucre. Gretchen dresses up for a meeting with the General and one final attempt to get the last card key. T-Bag must make a decision to leave his criminal ways for good. 17/11/2008
    • S04E10The Legend Regarder Sara is left with no choice but to take Michael to the hospital as his condtion rapidly worsens. Sucre and Lincoln are faced with unknown territory as they are left in charge of the operation. Elsewhere, agent Self makes a surprising ally. 10/11/2008
    • S04E09Greatness Achieved Regarder Wyatt gets a taste of his own medicine, and Mahone finds some resolution. T-Bag scrambles when the police investigate his missing co-worker while Gretchen gets cozy with a Company man. Meanwhile, Michael’s condition continues to worsen, and a team member makes the ultimate sacrifice while planning the underground break-in for Scylla. 3/11/2008
    • S04E08The Price Regarder Lincoln works to retrieve the final card, which is being held by the General. Michael and Self are forced to work with Gretchen. Meanwhile, Roland continues to be berated for losing the transcribing device in Las Vegas. 20/10/2008
    • S04E07Five the Hard Way Regarder Lincoln takes members of the team to Las Vegas where Sucre gets an indecent proposal. Sarah learns about Michael’s condition, and Roland pushes his luck too far. Gretchen teams up with T-Bag who makes an offer to Michael he cannot refuse. Meanwhile, the secrets in Whistler’s bird book are finally revealed. 6/10/2008
    • S04E06Blow Out Regarder The entire operation may be in jeopardy when Mahone gets into trouble with the law. Gretchen's sister receives a surprise visitor. The Company may be onto Self. T-Bag continues to raise suspicions at Gate. 29/9/2008
    • S04E05Safe & Sound Regarder Self locates another card hidden in a safe within a secure federal building, as Mahone continues his quest for revenge. Meanwhile, T-Bag's new life may be in jeopardy. 22/9/2008
    • S04E04Eagles & Angels Regarder Michael, Lincoln and Sucre must crash a police benefit to obtain the next card key. Reeling from another death, Sarah falls back into an old habit. T-Bag arouses suspicion and runs into some old “friends” his first day on the job. 15/9/2008
    • S04E03Shut Down Regarder Michael attempts to track the cardholder and avoid going back to prison. Wyatt finds new information regarding Sara's whereabouts. Elsewhere, T-Bag uses a new identity to make a new life for himself. 8/9/2008
    • S04E02Breaking & Entering Regarder "Breaking & Entering" is the 59th episode of the American television series Prison Break and was shown together with the first episode of its fourth season as a two-hour episode with "Scylla". It was broadcast on September 1, 2008 in the United States on the Fox Network. 1/9/2008
    • S04E01Scylla Regarder Michael has trailed Gretchen/Susan, Whistler and Mahone to L.A. Chaos reigns in SONA while T-Bag, Bellick and Sucre go missing. Lincoln and L.J. continue to stay with Sofia. 1/9/2008
  • ▶︎Season 3 2007 Regarder
    • S03E13The Art of the Deal Regarder Michael and Lincoln are left with no choice but to hand Whistler over in exchange to save LJ and Sofia. A familiar face enters Sona while another inmate leaves. 18/2/2008
    • S03E12Hell or High Water Regarder Michael, Whistler, and Mahone make their break from Sona. But Mahone seems like the odd man out along the way. 11/2/2008
    • S03E11Under and Out Regarder Michael's escape may be in jeopardy because of heavy rain. T-Bag and Lechero join forces, while Bellick hopes to do the same with Mahone. 4/2/2008
    • S03E10Dirt Nap Regarder Lechero's demotion devastates Michael's breakout plan as Sammy takes reigns at Sona. T-Bag forces Bellick to fight in a fight where the odds are stacked heavily against him. Lincoln and Sucre have some surprise fireworks set for Susan. 21/1/2008
    • S03E09Boxed In Regarder The Panamanian Army arranges Michael to get a taste of solitary. T-Bag reserves a spot in the escape. Bellick's life turns into an uphill battle. Susan traps Sucre. 14/1/2008
    • S03E08Bang and Burn Regarder Susan jeopardizes Michael's life as she puts her own escape plan into motion. Whistler's past catches up to his girlfriend.The Company goes after Lincoln and Sucre. Justice prevails for Mahone. And Lechero sheds light into an empty tunnel. 12/11/2007
    • S03E07Vamonos Regarder Everything goes wrong for Michael as he tries to create a diversion. Lincoln tries to outsmart Susan who has his son. Sucre offers his assistance to Lincoln. 5/11/2007
    • S03E06Photo Finish Regarder Michael threatens to cancel the escape plan unless he sees a proof that Sarah is still alive. Whistler is accused of murdering an inmate and it is up to Michael to prove his innocence and save his life. Lincoln and Sofia help in monitoring the morning guards. Mahone may have another way to get out of Sona. 5/11/2007
    • S03E05Interference Regarder A new inmate named Tyge is brought to Sona. After he seemingly recognizes Whistler, Michael's doubts arise. T-Bag enters a new area of commerce.Lincoln goes to the seaside with Sofia. Sucre takes over the side-business of his predecessor. 22/10/2007
    • S03E04Good Fences Regarder After taking delivery of a package from The Company, Lincoln realizes that they are deadly serious. Michael's new break out plan relies on electricity. Haywire is back from the dead, haunting disoriented Mahone. Bellick and T-Bag get special attention from Lechero. 8/10/2007
    • S03E03Call Waiting Regarder Whistler tells the truth to Michael. Michael tries to get in touch with Sara but the only phone is in Lechero's quarters, so he has to rely on T-Bag's help. Mahone battles his addiction. Bellick steps on some toes. 1/10/2007
    • S03E02Fire/Water Regarder Michael and Mahone try to lure Whistler out of his hiding place. T-Bag gains some upward momentum in the prison hierarchy as the water supply is running low. Lincoln meets familiar and not so familiar faces on his quest to free Michael. 24/9/2007
    • S03E01Orientación Regarder Now locked up in a Panamanian prison known as Sona, Michael, T-Bag, Bellick, and Mahone try to find a way out. Much to their devastation, they soon find out that the prison has been abandoned by the authorities because of the immense threat from the vile inmates. Michael seeks for an inmate named Whistler in the prison sewers. As Lincoln is puzzled by Sara's sudden disappearance, he learns that LJ has gotten into some trouble. He also tries to recover the 5 million dollars. 17/9/2007
  • ▶︎Season 2 2006 Regarder
    • S02E22Sona Regarder Michael tries to save his brother and himself from the unstoppable Mahone. Kellerman's testimony at Sarah's trial proves different from what was expected, could this be the end for Sarah? Sucre puts everything on the line to save his Maricruz. Just like old times, T-Bag and Bellick are at it again but this time there will be a winner. 2/4/2007
    • S02E21Fin Del Camino Regarder The day has finally come for Sara's trial while critical information that will exonerate her is being debunked. Meanwhile, Michael is determined to get his hands on the 5 million and to stop T-Bag's reign of terror. Bellick is also money hungry and will do whatever it takes to hunt down T-Bag. Kellerman decides his fate while Lincoln and Mahone square off. 26/3/2007
    • S02E20Panama Regarder Sara sacrifices herself for the safety of Michael so the brothers can get on with their final plan to attain freedom, but their plan gets 'shipwrecked'. Meanwhile, Bellick blackmails Sucre to partner up as T-Bag's streak of murder continues to the south of the border. 19/3/2007
    • S02E19Sweet Caroline Regarder An unlikely alliance forms between Bellick and Sucre while Michael is determined to face the president. T-Bag gets into some trouble when he loses his luggage and C-Note faces major consequences after some of his actions. 5/3/2007
    • S02E18Wash Regarder T-Bag digs deep and finds his 'nice-side' with the help of a psychiatrist. Michael, Lincoln, and Sarah get their hands on evidence needed to bring down The Company, while Kellerman is close to finding the President. 26/2/2007
    • S02E17Bad Blood Regarder Michael and Sara request Henry Pope's help to retrieve the information that will topple The Company.Mahone pins down an escapee. Sucre discovers a new threat while hitchhiking to reunite with Maricruz. T-Bag brings the Hollander family to his home. 19/2/2007
    • S02E16Chicago Regarder C-Note gets into a tricky situation when a robber holds up the diner he is in and demands every-one into the storage room until the police arrive.Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman get closer to revealing the conspiracy with the help of Sarah.Mahone finds a new ally in Bellick. 5/2/2007
    • S02E15The Message Regarder In Mexico, Sucre gets a car but gets in trouble by the police. Bellick has more trouble as the new inmate as prisoners who suffered with him want revenge. 29/1/2007
    • S02E14John Doe Regarder Bellick gets a taste of the medicine he gave out when he was the Captain and Agent Mahone's ex-wife makes another appearance. 22/1/2007
    • S02E13The Killing Box Regarder Bellick is anything but happy about his sudden homecoming-to Fox River.Elsewhere, Michael and Lincoln might face a homecoming of their own. Mahone and Kellerman use everything they got to make certain that Michael and Lincoln do not get through their road trip alive.Sucre's getaway plane encounters some difficulties. T-Bag closes on Mrs. Hollander. 27/11/2006
    • S02E12Disconnect Regarder With Mahone on their trail, Michael, Lincoln, their father, and Sucre make a run for the getaway plane. Michael's reunion with his father sheds light on his difficult childhood.The women in Bellick and Kellerman's lives coerce their men to confess their sins.A medical emergency forces C-Note to risk it all. 20/11/2006
    • S02E11Bolshoi Booze Regarder As Lincoln tries to reunite with Michael, he has to say goodbye to another loved one. Michael attempts to obtain a getaway plane. T-Bag gets revenge. Sara and Kellerman face-off. 13/11/2006
    • S02E10Rendezvous Regarder As Michael reunites with Sara, Mahone and Kellerman strive to make sure they stay apart.On the road with LJ, Lincoln meets his father. Sucre tries to contact Maricruz. T-Bag has a reunion of his own. 6/11/2006
    • S02E09Unearthed Regarder In an effort to learn more about his pursuer Michael cozies up to Mahone's wife. L.J. and Lincoln have a bumpy road-trip. T-Bag receives a surprise, and C-Note's wife must choose between her daughter and husband. 30/10/2006
    • S02E08Dead Fall Regarder In his efforts to try to get hold of all of the money Sucre runs into some unexpected difficulties. And Captain Bellick and his partner have not given up on finding their old inmates. 23/10/2006
    • S02E07Buried Regarder Michael, Sucre, T-Bag and C-Note claim the hidden treasure.An anxious Lincoln risks everything to get to LJ. LJ grows wary about the easy getaway. Kellerman rethinks where his loyalties lie after Sara gets to The Company's hit list. Mahone results to deadly force to get the truth out of Tweener. 2/10/2006
    • S02E06Subdivision Regarder Mahone takes an interest in the story of DB Cooper.In their quest to find Westmoreland's treasure, Michael and Lincoln travel house-to-house in Utah. Haywire's journey outside the prison walls continues. Sucre bumps into an acquaintance. 25/9/2006
    • S02E05Map 1213 Regarder Michael and Lincoln are eager to locate the Double K ranch where Westmoreland hid his millions. Sucre goes to Las Vegas to prevent Maricruz from marrying his cousin Hector. C-Note gets on a train. Mahone is given an important package. 18/9/2006
    • S02E04First Down Regarder Bellick, now teamed up with Michael, Lincoln and Nika, sets out to find the money stolen by Westmoreland during the 1971 skyjacking. Kellerman targets Sara, who receives a long-awaited phone call. T-Bag gets a ride from an unsuspecting family. Abruzzi resumes the search for Fibonacci to settle the scores once and for all. 11/9/2006
    • S02E03Scan Regarder Michael and a wounded Lincoln try to outmaneuver Mahone, who is hot on their trail. Sara gets a surprise visit to her bedside.Following his suspension, Bellick recruits a resolute partner to aid in his quest to get the escapees behind the bars.Sucre and C-Note head out for their family reunions-regardless of being observed by the authorities. 4/9/2006
    • S02E02Otis Regarder Mahone tries to lure the escapees by targeting an imprisoned LJ. Michael and Lincoln come up with a plan to free LJ from jail. Sucre, Abruzzi and C-Note have a plan of their own, but only to break free of their pursuers.Meanwhile, Bellick and Warden Pope feel the heat following their unsuccessful attempts to capture the escapees.Tweener infiltrates a bunch of college students on their way to spring break. 28/8/2006
    • S02E01Manhunt Regarder As eight hours has passed since the escape, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi attempt to evade their seekers. Bellick is forced to relinquish the command of the search party to FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone whose ingenious approach makes Michael's life as a fugitive harder. As a result from her overdose, Dr. Tancredi is in critical condition. A short-handed T-Bag faces the ultimate challenge. 21/8/2006
  • ▶︎Season 1 2005 Regarder
    • S01E22Flight Regarder As the escape is in progress, Warden Pope and Captain Bellick begin a search to detain the escapees. Michael and co. have to reach the aircraft fast as the police is hot on their heels. Veronica discovers a major piece of evidence that could prove Lincoln's innocence. The Vice President is worried about losing her authority. 15/5/2006
    • S01E21Go Regarder Everyone's ready to make their escapes across the high wire. Veronica and Nick realize they may be in over their heads. And Agent Kellerman helps Vice President Reynolds calm down before her debate. 8/5/2006
    • S01E20Tonight Regarder Westmoreland wants Michael to speed up the planned escape, and gets Bellick one step closer to unraveling it. Michael has to decide whether to involve Sara in the breakout plan. Tweener's devotion is put to a test. Veronica finds out that her ally unexpectedly has a connection to an inmate serving time at Fox River. 1/5/2006
    • S01E19The Key Regarder Michael must get the key to the infirmary and enlist the help of an old face, while Lincoln learns the identity of his kidnapper and another inmate learns of the escape. 24/4/2006
    • S01E18Bluff Regarder In an effort to recreate the missing piece of the tattoo, Michael gets transferred to the psych ward, seeking the help of Haywire. T-Bag and C-Note have to join forces. 17/4/2006
    • S01E17J-Cat Regarder Lincoln is worried about Michael's sanity while Michael has trouble remembering some parts of the prison schematics. Sucre has to conceal the hole in the guard's break room. Warden Pope transfers Michael to solitary after he declines his request. 10/4/2006
    • S01E16Brother's Keeper Regarder Flashbacks shed light on the past actions that led to the incarceration of Lincoln, Sucre, T-Bag and C-Note. Basis of Michael's ingenious break-out plan are revealed. Dr. Tancredi memorizes how she ended up in Fox River State Penitentiary. 3/4/2006
    • S01E15By the Skin and the Teeth Regarder As Lincoln is about to be executed, he briefly sees his father in the viewing room. A phone call from judge Kessler delays the execution. After reviewing the newly surfaced evidence, the judge orders the exhumation of Steadman's body. Michael creates a new, more dangerous, break-out plan, involving going through the prison yard. An accident puts Michael's new plan in danger. 27/3/2006
    • S01E14The Rat Regarder Veronica and Nick request a judge to postpone Lincoln's execution. A C.O. becomes suspicious about a broken door. 20/3/2006
    • S01E13End of the Tunnel Regarder With Lincoln's execution scheduled for the following day, Veronica comes out of hiding to contact him and gains an ally. Kellerman makes the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the conspiracy. Michael looks for a way to get Lincoln out of solitary confinement in time for the escape that evening. The inmates risk everything as they attempt their escape. 28/11/2005
    • S01E12Odd Man Out Regarder Michael sees proof his plan is working, so he begins to overcome the last obstacle. As the escape draws near, the group tries to reduce its number by one and targets T-Bag. 21/11/2005
    • S01E11And Then There Were 7 Regarder The escapees and Dr. Tancredi are shocked when they learn the identity of Michael's visitor, who brings with her a very important piece of the escape plan. 14/11/2005
    • S01E10Sleight of Hand Regarder Michael is forced to give up Fibonacci's location to Philly Falzone, and Kellerman and Hale get a little unwanted help to track down LJ who has gone missing. Veronica and Nick uncover evidence against the man Lincoln was convicted of murdering. 7/11/2005
    • S01E09Tweener Regarder Abruzzi's demotion in the prison hierachy puts the entire escape plan at risk. Michael finds himself in the uneviable position of trying to protect T-Bag's new "fish" and facing the threat of T-Bag exposing the plan to the guards. The inmates dig themselves into a hole. 31/10/2005
    • S01E08The Old Head Regarder Michael finds out a storeroom fundamental to his escape plans has been converted into a break room. Veronica and Nick are being threatened. 24/10/2005
    • S01E07Riots, Drills and the Devil (Part 2) Regarder While the riot intensifies, Abruzzi and Sucre join forces. Michael must decide whether or not to save the life of Dr. Tancredi. 3/10/2005
    • S01E06Riots, Drills and the Devil (Part 1) Regarder Michael creates a lockdown by sabotaging the air conditioning in order to execute his breakout plan properly, and unintentionally causes a riot that gets Sara into huge trouble. Meanwhile, an ex-con is blackmailed into seeing to that Lincoln is killed. 26/9/2005
    • S01E05English, Fitz or Percy Regarder Kellerman and Hale blackmail Warden Pope. Michael finds out he might get out earlier than anticipated. Veronica becomes uncertain of her allies. 19/9/2005
    • S01E04Cute Poison Regarder Veronica keeps uncovering new information regarding Lincoln's case and decides she wants to work on the case full-time. When no one wants to help her on the case, Nick Savrinn (an attorney) offers his assistance and the two of them visit Lincoln. 12/9/2005
    • S01E03Cell Test Regarder When Michael reveals his escape plan to Sucre, Sucre chooses to be no part of it, and requests a cell transfer. Michael gets a new cellmate called Haywire. 5/9/2005
    • S01E02Allen Regarder Michael seeks help of his fellow prison inhabitants to execute his escape plans. 29/8/2005
    • S01E01Pilot Regarder Michael Scofield, a structural engineer, attempts to rob a bank in order to get incarcerated at Fox River State Penitentiary, where his brother Lincoln Burrows, accused of murdering the Vice President's brother, is scheduled to be executed. At Fox River, Michael approaches a number of inmates, all of whom play an important role in his plan to free his brother from the inside. Meanwhile, agents Kellerman and Hale are determined to make sure the execution goes through as planned. Lincoln's son LJ gets into trouble. 29/8/2005
  • ▶︎Specials 2005 Regarder
    • Resurrection: Prison Break Regarder In this 30-minute special, join the cast and creators of PRISON BREAK as they take us behind-the-scenes of what promises to be their biggest escape yet. 5/3/2017
    • Free Regarder Michael, Lincoln and co reunite to break out an increasingly vulnerable Sara. 27/5/2009
    • The Old Ball and Chain Regarder Sara has been jailed for murder. Wanting to make an example of her, the government has sent her to a women's prison and she faces 25 years to life. Heavily pregnant and fearful for her life, Sara must survive by making an alliance with an old enemy... but she's a marked woman and various attempts on her life lead Michael to take drastic action. 27/5/2009
    • Special Access All Areas Regarder Amanda Byram goes behind the scenes of the hit American drama, talks to some of the show's stars, and looks forward to forthcoming plot twist. 26/9/2007
    • The Road to Freedom Regarder A special episode, recapping the second season episodes, including behind the scenes footage and cast interviews. 8/1/2007
    • Making a Scene Regarder 8/8/2006
    • Beyond the Ink Regarder 8/8/2006
    • If These Walls could Speak Regarder Description of the Joliet Correctional Center 8/8/2006
    • The Making of Prison Break Regarder Making of Prison Break is a deeper look behind the scenes of Prison Break. In this 30-minute featurette, a variety of cast and crew speak about a wide range of aspects concerning the show, including the origins, the development, the future, the cast and characters, the writers and writing structure/style, the location itself as well as personal perspectives, decision-making, and more. 8/8/2006
    • Behind the Walls Regarder A special episode, summing up the past episodes, including behind the scenes footage and cast commentaries. 11/10/2005

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