Santa Clarita Diet

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La vie d'un couple d'agents immobiliers est chamboulée lorsque la femme subit un changement drastique. Mort et destruction sont au programme. Tout va bien se passer.

Acteurs principaux

  • Drew Barrymore
  • Timothy Olyphant
  • Liv Hewson
  • Skyler Gisondo

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de Santa Clarita Diet

  • ▶︎Season 3 2019 Regarder
    • S03E10The Cult of Sheila Regarder Joel and Sheila have a scary man's undivided attention. Abby and Eric are surprised by hungry visitors. A troublesome trio crashes the Hammonds' party. 29/3/2019
    • S03E09Zombody Regarder Joel's eager to nail his interview and become a Knight of Serbia, but Sheila keeps salting his game. Meanwhile, Abby hits the town with a new friend. 29/3/2019
    • S03E08Forever! Regarder A twist in the FBI's investigation takes Eric and Abby by surprise. Sheila introduces Jean to a new diet. Joel tries to trick the ever-elusive Ron. 29/3/2019
    • S03E07A Specific Form of Recklessness Regarder Sheila's got a plan: turn Jean undead so she'll be around to meet her grandkid. Joel's not on board, but this train has already left the station. 29/3/2019
    • S03E06The Chicken and the Pear Regarder To stop the Knights of Serbia, one must become a Knight of Serbia. That's Joel's logic, anyway. Meanwhile, Sheila and Abby see another side of Jean. 29/3/2019
    • S03E05Belle and Sebastian Protect the Head Regarder Joel and Sheila engage in a battle of wits (well, kind of) with Tommy. Ron shares his plans. Lisa is forced to -- ugh -- get serious. 29/3/2019
    • S03E04More of a Cat Person Regarder Joel's feeling pressured to join the undead club. Meanwhile, Ramona wants Eric, the FBI wants answers, and poor Mr. Ball Legs wants some attention. 29/3/2019
    • S03E03We Let People Die Every Day Regarder Sheila and Joel want Anne out of their business. Hey, good luck with that. Also, Eric laments his heroics, and a woman's life hinges on potato salad. 29/3/2019
    • S03E02Knighttime Regarder Sheila and Joel meet a knight and Anne lays down the law. Plus, there's a rumor going 'round that Eric and Abby are k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Ooooooh! 29/3/2019
    • S03E01Wuffenloaf Regarder God, why me? That's what Sheila wants to know. Meanwhile, Joel feels a smidge threatened, Anne spreads the gospel, and Abby and Eric pretend to date. 29/3/2019
  • ▶︎Season 2 2018 Regarder
    • S02E10Halibut! Regarder With their options dwindling and their paranoia rising, Joel and Sheila consider making a move. Eric and Abby come up with a fracking good plan. 23/3/2018
    • S02E09Suspicious Objects Regarder Joel and Sheila learn that the clampocalypse may hit sooner than they thought. Anne accepts constructive criticism like a pro. 23/3/2018
    • S02E08Easels and War Paint Regarder Sheila and Joel piece together the previous night's events while dealing with a professional setback. Abby gets a bold new look, courtesy of Lisa. 23/3/2018
    • S02E07A Change of Heart Regarder 007, he ain’t. Eric’s plan to go undercover as a seafood distributor hits a snag. Meanwhile, Joel and Sheila worry Abby is getting out of control. 23/3/2018
    • S02E06Pasión Regarder Is a colonel the clam connection? Joel’s on a stakeout to find out. Also, Abby has a date, and Sheila doesn't see eye to eye with her boss. 23/3/2018
    • S02E05Going Pre-med Regarder A snarky online review comes back to haunt Joel. Meanwhile, Sheila's new friendship proves problematic, and Abby leans into her new persona. 23/3/2018
    • S02E04The Queen of England Regarder Eric's having girl problems, Abby's rage is showing, there's a talking head in the basement, and now -- sheesh -- the neighbor wants lasagna. 23/3/2018
    • S02E03Moral Gray Area Regarder After an old nemesis asks for a favor, Joel and Sheila find themselves neck deep in Nazis, raffle tickets and surprisingly stunning woodwork. 23/3/2018
    • S02E02Coyote in Yoga Pants Regarder Eager to secure a lucrative new listing, Joel and Sheila brainstorm how to knock rival realtors out of contention ... without resorting to murder. 23/3/2018
    • S02E01No Family is Perfect Regarder OK, let’s see here: Joel’s stuck in an asylum, Sheila’s chained to a pole, and Abby’s on the hunt for Serbian bile. Yep, sounds about right. 23/3/2018
  • ▶︎Season 1 2017 Regarder
    • S01E10Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats Regarder Dr. Wolf is ready to get down to work, but with Sheila growing more aggressive by the minute, Joel worries it may be too late. 3/2/2017
    • S01E09The Book! Regarder Joel and Eric seek out the mysterious Anton at a paranormal convention while Sheila and Abby bond over their shared love of bad behavior. 3/2/2017
    • S01E08How Much Vomit? Regarder A new-look Loki takes Joel and Sheila by surprise while Abby and Eric learn the fine art of leaving well enough alone. 3/2/2017
    • S01E07Strange or Just Inconsiderate? Regarder With the cops looking for Dan, Sheila dines on the evidence. But that's a lot of evidence. Meanwhile, Joel stops to smell the coffee. 3/2/2017
    • S01E06Attention to Detail Regarder Joel and Sheila try dividing up the tasks, Eric and Abby stumble onto something big, and Dan learns that a realtor can only be pushed so far. 3/2/2017
    • S01E05Man Eat Man Regarder Abby discovers that parents can't be trusted (especially hers). Joel learns there might be a cure for Sheila, and Dan puts his cards on the table. 3/2/2017
    • S01E04The Farting Sex Tourist Regarder Sheila inspires her friends and insults the principal. Joel bonds with Abby, and Dan makes a damning discovery while spraying for ants. 3/2/2017
    • S01E03We Can Kill People Regarder Sheila's tummy is growling and Joel needs to find her someone tasty ASAP. Meanwhile, Abby embraces her inner badass and helps out a friend in need. 3/2/2017
    • S01E02We Can't Kill People! Regarder The Hammonds try to live their new truth, Abby comes to a hard realization while browsing comics, and Joel treats Sheila to a very expensive meal. 3/2/2017
    • S01E01So Then a Bat or a Monkey Regarder Joel and Sheila's marriage gets a jumpstart when Sheila debuts a truly killer new personality and an anything-goes menu. And they used to be so normal. 3/2/2017

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