The Order

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Déterminé à venger la mort de sa mère, un jeune étudiant rejoint une société secrète qui le plonge dans une guerre sans merci entre loups-garous et sorciers.

Acteurs principaux

  • Jake Manley
  • Sarah Grey
  • Adam DiMarco

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de The Order

  • ▶︎Season 2 2020 Regarder
    • S02E10New World Order, Part 2 Regarder As chaos reigns, the Knights must convince Vera and Alyssa to work together to seal the eruption and save Lilith from the demon realm. 18/6/2020
    • S02E09New World Order, Part 1 Regarder Nicole finds a spell that could bring back Lilith, but it hinges on Alyssa’s cooperation. Jack tries to broker a deal between Vera and Salvador. 18/6/2020
    • S02E08Spring Outbreak, Part 2 Regarder The Knights try to prevent a strange affliction from spreading. Kepler schemes to strip Vera of her power, and Alyssa searches Vera's house. 18/6/2020
    • S02E07Spring Outbreak, Part 1 Regarder The Knights weigh whether to join the Order. Alyssa suspects that her feelings for Jack might be blocking her magic. Kepler pulls rank on Vera. 18/6/2020
    • S02E06The Commons, Part 2 Regarder Amid a standoff with the Prometheans, Alyssa goes into withdrawal. Meanwhile, Randall, Hamish and Gabrielle track professor Foley. 18/6/2020
    • S02E05The Commons, Part 1 Regarder Vera negotiates a deal with the Sons of Prometheus — a rival magic society — and sends Jack and Alyssa to their compound as hostages. 18/6/2020
    • S02E04Fear Itself, Part 2 Regarder Vera leads the Order in a spell to summon Rogwan, a powerful demon. But when her plan goes awry, she needs the Knights on her side. 18/6/2020
    • S02E03Fear Itself, Part 1 Regarder The Knights raid the Order’s magic vault, Alyssa confides in Randall about her fading powers, and romance blooms between Lilith and Nicole. 18/6/2020
    • S02E02Free Radicals, Part 2 Regarder While the Knights look for ways to protect themselves, Alyssa gives Jack a job: find the "magic tourist" who's been wreaking havoc on campus. 18/6/2020
    • S02E01Free Radicals, Part 1 Regarder After having the Knights' memories wiped, Vera plans to induct them into the Order. But her new pledges prove hard to control. 18/6/2020
  • ▶︎Season 1 2019 Regarder
    • S01E10Finals, Part Two Regarder The Knights plot to thwart Edward's plan by kidnapping his son. Gabrielle and the Hermetic Counselor interrogate Lilith. 7/3/2019
    • S01E09Finals, Part One Regarder Consumed by ambition, Edward clashes with Vera -- and Alyssa is caught in the middle. Jack's brush with the Vade Maecum ignites a painful ordeal. 7/3/2019
    • S01E08Undeclared, Part Two Regarder Alyssa helps the Knights search for Randall and stumbles upon a doctor's twisted experiment. Edward is visited by the Vade Maecum's previous owner. 7/3/2019
    • S01E07Undeclared, Part One Regarder Alyssa confronts Jack about his secret. Headmistress Vera questions Edward about the Vade Maecum and sends Gabrielle on a truth-seeking mission. 7/3/2019
    • S01E06Homecoming, Part Two Regarder While the Order hunts for werewolves on campus, Jack and Alyssa flee with Renee's necrophone, a tool used to communicate with the dead. 7/3/2019
    • S01E05Homecoming, Part One Regarder As the Order prepares to conduct a dangerous, sinister spell, the Knights enlist Jack to sabotage their plans. 7/3/2019
    • S01E04Introduction to Ethics, Part Two Regarder Jack proposes an alliance with the Knights, and Randall teaches him how to harness his powers. Meanwhile, Edward takes Alyssa under his wing. 7/3/2019
    • S01E03Introduction To Ethics, Part One Regarder Jack learns he's been selected for a rival secret society. Later, he gets a lesson in magic -- and discovers that every spell has a price. 7/3/2019
    • S01E02Hell Week, Part Two Regarder Pops shares a theory about the attacks. Jack and Alyssa try to keep an eye on the other pledges. At the Temple, Jack encounters a notorious figure. 7/3/2019
    • S01E01Hell Week, Part One Regarder At Belgrave University, Jack pledges a secret society steeped in mystery and magic. Soon, a series of strange murders sets the campus on edge. 7/3/2019

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