Trois mètres au-dessus du ciel

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Deux jeunes de milieux différents tombent amoureux durant l'été en Italie sur la côte adriatique.

Acteurs principaux

  • Coco Rebecca Edogamhe
  • Amanda Campana
  • Alicia Ann Edogamhe
  • Ludovico Tersigni
  • Mario Sgueglia
  • Giuseppe Giacobazzi
  • Alberto Boubakar Malanchino
  • Andrea Lattanzi
  • Thony
  • Giovanni Maini
  • Maria Sole Mansutti

Toutes les saisons, tous les épisodes de Trois mètres au-dessus du ciel

  • ▶︎Season 1 2020 Regarder
    • S01E08Another Winter Regarder As the season ends, Ale tells Summer about his job offer in Spain, and asks her whether he should accept it. Dario makes a decision about his career. 29/4/2020
    • S01E07Don't You Cry Regarder Ale takes Summer to Rome to show her his childhood home. Edo gets intimate with his new fling. Dario encourages Sofia to confess her love. 29/4/2020
    • S01E06Those Who Remain Regarder Both Blue and Dario open up to their respective crushes about their feelings. Summer and Ale's friends feel alienated from them. 29/4/2020
    • S01E05Without You Regarder On Summer's 18th birthday, Ale plans a big romantic gesture, Sofia wishes she could spend more time with her friend and Edo meets a new girl. 29/4/2020
    • S01E04A Glimpse of Peace Regarder Ale goes missing, worrying his loved ones. Summer speaks with Edo about how she really feels. Dario confesses who he's in love with to Sofia. 29/4/2020
    • S01E03A Moment at Night Regarder Summer feels awkward around Edo. Ale's father confronts him about his motorcycle accident. Sofia gives Dario advice on how to flirt. 29/4/2020
    • S01E02Just You & I Regarder After school ends, Summer nervously anticipates her new job and is surprised by who joins her at work. Ale remains conflicted about his love life. 29/4/2020
    • S01E01I Hate Summer Regarder Disappointed by her parents, Summer reluctantly attends a party with her friend where she runs into a very confident young man, Ale. 29/4/2020

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